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Any 3D Puzzlers in the Community?


Any 3D Puzzlers in the Community?

Yesterday I ran across a garage sale where I found this really odd orb.


It was in the original box and a really nice case.

It also said "The Sharper Image" so it was worth a second look.


The sticker said the seller knew nothing about it but could look it up on the web... $5-.

I offered $2 since I didn't have a clue as to what it was either, but it had heft and the box alone was worth a couple of dollars.

They accepted my offer of $2.


The idea for me was that I could take it apart ( doing that!) and find out what this really was.

Imagine my surprise when in the fact that this was the intended challenge!


What I ended up with is an ISIS I by Sonic Games in the UK and is part of an "Adventure".


Indeed, a ~$200 orb with an Egyptian motif and a sort of Geo Caching "afterplay" for gold and silver coins... etc.


The one I got was registered so I have no access to my orbs web tips. No biggy, all the info on the orb is now readily available on the web.


I have no patience for puzzles. I wanted the darn thing open. And I did find a very nice video on how to "cheat" this thing open.

Short of this it would have required defacing the unit by drilling holes.


Now mind you, this is used and this -may- have been opened before. The construction, and the solution depends on some floating ball bearings.

There is a BB maze, a plunger, and more ball bearings for an additional interlock.


I couldn't "release" the 3rd BB. I couldn't get to the stage that was suppose to be reasonably easy to get to once you get to this stage.


Was the 3rd BB missing? I was having serious doubts by now. I resorted to the ultimate cheat (used if you re-assemble your ISIS wrong).


This cheat worked and I profusely thank the YouTube video poster that provided the information.


Sure enough, someone was just as curious as myself and they completely tore down the orb and... of course, re-assembled it wrong!


D'OH! The maze was reversed... the 3rd BB would never have gone into the maze once released. No wonder they had to sell it cheap


Okay, this is my long winded way to get to the purpose of this post.


Do we have other puzzlers on the forum?


Is anyone interested in seeing this puzzle in 3D?


Does anyone have a puzzle experience they care to share?


Anyone else have a puzzle they would be interested in sharing in a CAD file?

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