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Assembly check-in without part into windchill


Assembly check-in without part into windchill


I have an assembly file which is having only one part file as dependent. These both cad are not on windchill.

Unfortunately , I have only assembly file on local disk without having its part file. What I need to do is to checkin assembly into windchill... But it is asking for missing part file. How to check-in assembly with missing link for assembly file.

Any thought would be of great help.

First: What you are trying to do is a bad idea. This is only going to cause issues for someone else down the road.


The best things to do would be to either:


1. Find the referenced part and check it in along with the assembly.

2. Delete the reference from the assembly so the assembly doesn't need the part anymore


The last thing you can do which I don't recommend but will work is to just create a dummy empty part (with the same filename) so it has something to check in. The dummy empty part could be checked out and replaced with the real part down the road.

I do understand what you are saying.

I am gonna do check-in when missing parts are available to me. Till that time, is there something (config option either from windchill or Creo) to allow check-in? This is bussiness request for us. Does this not at all possible? Wbm tool of PTC do allow this..

You will need the component parts eventually!


The best option is to find the parts so they get loaded with the assembly.

Deleting the component from the assembly will not be good for the future.

Creating a dummy part with the right part number for your assembly may be the best option to get things checked in now. You will certainly need to keep track of which parts are empty dummies so they can be cleaned up at a later time.

Sure... I do understand your concern.... I am doing bulk migration for data. It is huge in numbers...

My missing components are of commonly used parts like fasteners. Till the availablity of these , I am not able to upload any of the data.

I do understand that these parts are required , but can't we do check-in of same at later part ?

Additionally, dummy part creation at first level is solved .. for example, missing sub-assembly A1.asm of top.asm can be solved by dummy assembly as a1.asm. but what about missing depenedt if any for a1.asm. dummy assembly does not have data structure at all. In real, dummy assembly a1.asm might have more child and that link we would be broking .
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You really need to clean up your data and have ALL required dependencies available BEFORE loading.  Anything else is going to create a huge mess with the relationships between the models.  (As Stored vs. Latest, etc.)  If you put garbage in, you're going to get garbage out.


Tried with dummy part creation for missing part. It resulted into different problems. Reference of missing parts were used in assembly , which we would lose with the creation of dummy parts.

Any thoughts on this would be of great help

Sounds like your company needs to bite the bullet and find those component parts.

When we did bulk loading into Windchill, we followed a set number of steps for loading component parts so the dependencies were created/maintained.

1) Load standard hardware files, family tables, etc.

2) Load other component part files.

3) Load assemblies

4) Load drawings

This will allow the majority of your assemblies to find and resolve component part associations.

If you have multiple files of the same name in different folders, this may cause a problem depending if these same-named parts are copies of the others or just have the same name. Copied files of the same name will not be an issue, just bring in the first and then ignore duplicate names. Same name fil, not a copy can be a real issue as the part orientation may be different, internal ids may be different and then mating conditions fail as the part doesn't 'match' what it is looking for.

I do agree to the process steps mentioned by you. That is what one should be doing ideally. But challenge for us is that we have not received library parts as of now due to some xyz reasons.

Our migration has been started and we cannot wait for those parts to be available with us for entire migration activity. Those thousands parts can be checked in easily at later stage of bulk of data would have been checked in with missing dependency. I also do understand standard process but this is what a requirement has been stated to us.

I am still not sure whether this is at all possible or not. I am just checking out different possibilities and view of different people which might solve the purpose.

Appreciate view of everyone and thanks to one and all. I welcome all suggestions and view from anyone.

Many thanks...!

@Ketan_Lalcheta, you will have to get back to the drawing board. Whatever reasons xyz are, you will need to sort those out. You have started a migration which should have never started in the first place.


@BenLoosli is 100% right about the steps you'll need to take.



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