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BID Question


BID Question

Hi, I replied to direct email I believe. Sorry for the confusion.


BID Question

If I need to do a generic cable for manufacturing purposes I do it separately but the generic cable once labeled is now unique. So in my BID/WID schematic every connector ref des. is unique. Just my approach. In my BID I will use the parameter <harness> for the generic cable name or designation.

RE: BID Question

Hi Zak, we approached this in the same manner. If using the same
harness numerous times within the same interconnect we would use –ASSY-1 and
then use a Tokenizer or the slice function, (e.g. W123J1-ASSY-1,
W123J1-ASSY-2). With the Tokenizer or slice function the label would read
W123J1 and satisfying label requirements and the reports would read the full
name W123J1-ASSY-1 with the understanding that the –ASSY-1 represented
assembly one. This keeps the quantities correct and satisfies the unique id
requirements of Creo.

The slice function seems to be the easiest for everyone to use
rather than remembering how to write the Tokenizer.

If we have a interconnect in which we use only P1 and J1 as
labels we follow the same method by incorporating the harness number first and
using a Tokenizer or slice command. If within the same interconnect you have
multiple uses of the same harness then we add the ASSY-1, ASSY-2, etc… or
P1-W123-ASSY-1, P1-W123-ASSY-2.

Once again the slice function works best.