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BOM Balloon parameter?


BOM Balloon parameter?

Is there a way to extract the parameter/symbolic embedded in a BOM balloon that is generated from a parts list?

I would like to create a set of assembly instructions (notes) referring to part number (1) or part number (5), etc. The problem is when the assembly is modified the parts list numbering scheme may change slightly. How can I associate my BOM balloons with the call out "item #" in my notes?

Thanks in advance for your time.

Jamie Schmehl
Tool Designer
Synthes USA - West Chester, PA

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5-Regular Member

I've been asking for this from our "Parametric" friends for years.
Rather than wait for heck to freeze over, I have been using part numbers in the notes.

Walt Weiss

Just go to table->repeat region->fix index and fix the table numbers so
that item 1 is either 123843 or nothing. In other words if you replace
123843 with some other part then your table should never re-use item 1 for
anything else. that way in your work instructions you can safely use that
item 1 is 123843 without worry that it will change places later. This is
very useful for the purpose of fixing a released BOM and assuring several
databases are and stay correct over time.