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Import data from file


Import data from file

I am working with WF5.0 and am having to import a multitude of sections.
As far as each one goes, it is a relatively painless process EXCEPT....

When I import the data, the "Rotate" is 0.000000 - all well and good,
but the "Scale" is entering in the highly useful 0.279748!!

Is there any way to set the "Scale" default to be 1.000000? It doesn't
take a second to alter but I have a lot of these to do, and why would
the default be 0.279748?

Richard A. Black

Lead Design Engineer

Eaton Corporation

440 Murray Hill Road

Southern Pines

NC 28387 USA

tel: 910 695 2905

fax: 910 695 2901


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Because PI minus .279748 = 2.861844 which is speed of light x 10E-5


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