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BOM Export to Excel - New Release Nitro-BOM 8.5


BOM Export to Excel - New Release Nitro-BOM 8.5

For anyone who has obtained (or wants to obtain) a FREE License of Nitro-BOM... we pushed out a new release last night (v 8.5).


Nitro-BOM v8.5  has improved the Parameter Create / Modify / Delete Cycle for Creo Parametric Parts and Assemblies -from- Excel  - especially on larger assemblies.  😎 


Nitro-BOM requires JLINK to be installed with your Creo Environment (most customers install this by default).  Here are some instructions for how to do this (this can change based on Creo Versions - but basically the same process).


To get a FREE License (no registration required) -- just click on this when prompted!


2020-07-21 at 10.02 AM.png


Have Fun!




I haven't actually used Nitro-BOM or your other Products (because I can't install it on my company computer), but I still want to give you a big thanks for all you're doing for the Creo user Community. I hope to try out your products at some time, and I think it's great you're providing this content free of charge.

Hey  -- THANK YOU for that feedback!


We noticed a huge "gap" in customer courage to evaluate our software and needed to fix that!


Basically the story would would go like this...

  • User would download the software,
  • unzip,
  • run,
  • everything ready to go,
  • then.....
  • BAIL OUT and never come back ...

WHY?!?! -- Registration Required! 


Basically - a huge percentage of customers were "afraid of sales contact" so they never continued to request a Demo of the Software... Resulting in:


  • their inability to understand how our software solves their Creo Problems
  • we lose the opportunity to even help in any way possible

We had to fix that.... deploying No-Registration and FREE get people using the software FIRST... THEN allow them to pull on us when they want to learn / do more.


The result is a much more relaxed overall process for everyone....  Also, smaller organizations can leverage some of the best Creo automation software on the market for NO COST in the hopes they become a customer as they grow in comfort and need. (bold emphasis - ok my biased opinion - but I am very proud of what we built) 🙄


If you ever want to try any of our software - you only need JLINK installed....


Here is a link for the basic instructions of how to do this:


And here are links to our Creo Automation Software for anyone who is interested:


  • Nitro-BOM - Bi-Directional Excel / Creo Parametric Assembly BOM Data Automation
  • Nitro-CELL - Bi-Directional Excel / Creo Parametric Parts, Assemblies and Drawing Automation
  • Nitro-PROGRAM - Graphical Pro/PROGRAM Editor for Creo Parametric Parts / Assemblies
  • CREOSON - Open Source Remote JSON Transaction API for Creo Parametric (software development / coding tool)


Thanks again for the feedback!  I hope you get an opportunity to play with our stuff soon!


Do Something Cool!  😎




Well Dave,


We did not bail out,

we were not scared of contacting you.

But the notion that Europe is not a supported region I will never get it. I simply can not buy yout software for what reason?

I am still interested by the way.





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