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Cable Module/External References/Copy Geom CREO 2.0


Cable Module/External References/Copy Geom CREO 2.0

From what I here CREO 2.0 does not have a problem with Routing Cable
locations on Copy Geom surfaces in a skeleton set to independent.
I have also heard in CREO you can route cable location directly to next
assembly components

I have my doubts about this. I only use independent created partial
surfaces, no global references.

The copy geom function even set to independent still shows references in
the reference viewer info. , as we as adding locations using actual next
assembly components.

Problems I have seen with references in Cables using WF4.0:
References to components that are later replaced can cause cable to fail
In release procedures cable having references to assemblies not released
Duplicate objects in Pro-PDM and Intralink fail
Rename in session to re-use in another assembly, can have references to
databases personnel may not have access to and or
cause problems in release procedure having references to another database.

Does CREO really have some magic I am not aware of?

Douglas Bowles
Electro-Mechanical Design Eng.
Cell 520.490.9395
PGR 520.281.6146
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