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Chamfer value as parameter


Chamfer value as parameter


In a model, I have a chamfer feature of kind Dimension x Angle. I would like to create parameter for this two values (Dimension and angle values ). Ultimate aim is to control this values using relation.

Can anybody help me on how to cretae a parameter for chamfer dimension and chamfer angle?

Thanks in advance.



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Tools -Switch dimensions will show you the parameters that are stored for the chamfer dimensions.

You can enter a relation right in the edit box of the value or use the relation editor.

I frequently use a chamfer for the lead-in on a threaded screw and set the value to be 10% of the nominal thread diameter.

So I have a thread diameter which I rename to Nominal and then set the chamfer relation to Nominal*.1.

Thanks a lot ben.. I am in different timezone and not having creo with me now.. I will try this tomorrow..

As I am very new to creo designing; if someone has come across any detailed document showing steps to do same, it will be of great help. This will ensure that I will not come across queries on the suggested steps by Ben.


See attached video

Video Link : 7198


Thank you!

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