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Creo NC - Constant_load retract distance issue


Creo NC - Constant_load retract distance issue

Trying to do a volume rough, constant load with minimal retract.  Volume to be milled is "L" shaped.

Image #1, I've set the Approach-Wall at red arrow. Image 2 is resultant toolpath.

The first leg of the "L" it machines as expected (with minimal retract between climb cuts, nice).  However I can't figure out why it is retracting on the second leg to the top surface of the part (actually, it is retracting above the top surface by LIFT_TOOL-CLEARANCE distance of .005").

If I change Approach-Wall to other end of "L", result is the same (image 3).

Now, if i remove all Approach-Walls, it does a helical plunge in the corner, and then does the constant-load, minimal retract path exactly as i would want (image 4).  trouble is that i do not want to helical plunge, I want to enter from the approach wall!

seems like having (any) Approach-Wall selected is making it retract on the long run of the "L" for some reason...

Anyone have any ideas?  Thank you for looking

NC assembly attached.

Creo 3.0 M040

some notable parameters:

scan_type constant_load

Rough_option Rough_only

retract_option optimize

min_retract_distance 500

cut_type climb

lift_tool_clearance .005

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I ran your attached file and it looks ok to me