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Changing Default Drawing Font in Creo 4.0


Changing Default Drawing Font in Creo 4.0


we just switched from Creo 3.0 to Creo 4.0 and like to use the new isonormlt-regular.ttf as default_annotation_font and iso as symbol_font. These defintions are set up in a .dtl file which we assign to the ASM, PRT and DRW. Unfortunately the new font is used in the drawing for the text but not for the symbols:

Anmerkung 2019-10-23 141201.png

  • On drawings newly created under Creo 4.0, the appearance is correct.
  • In existing parts and assemblies, the representation is also correct when I go to edit the measurement.

Any ideas are welcome!

Kind regards,


21-Topaz I

In the default settings file (drwsetup.dtl) there are a couple of settings I have:

default_font isofont
symbol_font legacy

So, I'm using isofont for all my text, and by designating "legacy", I get the "old style" symbols, not the new weird looking ones. I don't know if you can specify a particular font for the symbols, I guess you could try. I just don't know if symbols are handled as a simple "font" designation, or something special. I'm tempted to think the latter.

You could do a search on this forum for "font" or something like that and you'll probably see other discussions of this, since it was kind of a problem for a lot of people.


Hi Ken,

symbol_font iso or asme does not only affect the looks. It will also give you an extended symbol geallery with a lot of the new ISO GPS symbols.
But also it will give you the same stroke width as the ISO font for text.
What is it that makes you call the new symbols 'weired'? Honest question.

The new symbols are, if I recall correctly, "bold" or have very thick lines which made them look strange, especially when used in line with normal text. If I remember, this was particularly annoying when printing drawings. In essence, the depiction of the symbols differed enough from the surrounding text that it was an eyesore.


if new drawings are OK and old drawings are "problematic" then check symbol_font option setting in old drawings and reload new dtl file if necessary.

Martin Hanák
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