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Complete Absence of ProductView User Documentation


Complete Absence of ProductView User Documentation


I am trying to useProductView Professional 9.1 M030 for Model Based Definition of some installation drawings. We publish from Pro/E WF4 to PV from an Intralink 3.4 (non-Windchill) database.

The PVuser interface is not consistent with Pro/E and undocumented in the Tech support area, which is causing considerable difficulty. For example, the PVlayercontrol functionalityworks withgroups and filters, unlike the Pro/E blank/unblank layer functionality. There are icons and tabs whosefunction is not apparent. So, the first issue is no documentation of the user interface or functionality.

The other issue is more philosophical. While Pro/E 2D drawings persist the view and annotations, the 3D model is stateless. In the process of viewing the 3D model, a user may turn layers on and off, change the view environment, zoom and rotate view orientation, switch simplified reps, and blank or unblank components. To pass this 3D state on to PV, one must manually create a simplified rep, layering mechanism, and match these up in an 'All' view state. If there are any discrepancies when this 3D state is passed to PV, it is not easily edited - at least not documented. There appears to be no way to manually create such an 'all' view state in PV. If some models are released (and not modifiable) in Intralink, it may be the last resort to add datum features to a layer and blank them in PV, but that does not seem possible.

It would be really helpful if there was some documentation. I've searched the PTC Knowledge base, and there are numerous administrator-role documents, but none from a user-role. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks !

Akbar Husain

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Please select the ? located in the upper right corner of the ProductView
9.1 screen as shown in the image below.

Once the help window opens, you have all the information you need and the
answers to your questions.

Thank you,

Lance Lie
Sr Computer System Technologist II
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310-334.3078 fax

Thanks, Lance !

That is what I was looking for... Guess I was looking for a pdf type of reference document, but the info is all there.