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Component Parameter in repeat Region


Component Parameter in repeat Region

Anyone know what report symbol you use to indicate you want an assembly component parameter in a table cell?


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After trying a number of things I figured it out:

The correct syntax for the repeat region is:


David Haigh

Thanks to Magnus I got the answer I needed.

Being as these are component parameter, they don't show up in the model parameters list.

When you are defining the columns you want to see in the model tree, you pick feature parameter pull down, and then you have to type the component parameter name in the lower field and move it over to the Displayed column.


The tree config syntax looks like this:
COLUMN "Feat Params" "find_number" 10
COLUMN "Feat Params" "remove_from_BOM" 13

All in all there are some issues.

Last Friday I looked at writing a mapkey to create and show component parameters in the model tree.

There are a number of issue to be addressed if you want to do this via a mapkey. Ultimately I think we need a solution that is more robust than a mapkey will be.

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