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Create Balloon by Record - Not working


Create Balloon by Record - Not working



This functionality seems to have stopped working for me. Typical bulk items will not accept balloon creation, either for the stock simple circles nor custom split balloons.

There was a video posted as a solution to this awhile back from @bduncan , but I can't seem to get to it.


Creo 4 M100

Any help is appreciated.



you can add following special drawing option to your drawing:

update_drawing all

You have to enter this option manually in Creo dialog box. Do not save the drawing automatically. The above mentioned option can cause unexpected problems.

If this option resolves the problem then this means that your drawing is corrupted somehow. I suggest you to create new drawing.

Martin Hanák

Hello @PapasaurusPrime 


If value all for the update_drawing entry is not wished (to avoid losing control of what is being fixed with this "all" value), and impacted repeat region attributed is set to No Duplicates, the update_drawing values 1144731 and 1820521 may be enough to fix this.

=> Refer to article 17253 for further technical details.




Serge Acquarone

Thank you for this Serge. Although it didn't work, it's very specific to my problem, and the hidden option will come in handy.

Hello @PapasaurusPrime 


I am working for PTC Technical Support (just for info), and was also unable (like you) to access the video you mentioned in legacy post upon creation of this post.


Please allow me to share additional guidance as follows:

  • Refer to Suggested Technique for Using Report Relations to Control Repeat Region Parameters to access interesting info related to this topic, and files illustrated in the different snapshots (there's a section "download files")
  • Little movie attached to this reply uses one of the drawings of this suggested technique and highlights success of the creation process of the Balloons / By Record for the Bulk Items
  • As you can see, issue is not reproducible on our side in Creo Parametric 4.0 M110 (no easy & quick access to a M100 for a test in same datecode)


Additional documentation:

  • Good Movie (with sound) in article 46213 (to prepare bulk item data for the repeat region, even though this preparation is not required to grant access to the Create Balloon - by Record capability for the Bulk Items)
  • article 40474 providing the detailed steps to show a BOM Balloons for a Bulk Item component on a drawing in Creo Parametric (but you're probably already aware of this)


My suggestion:

  1. Download files from here (tis is the URL of Suggested Technique mentioned in my first URL)
  2. Proceed as shown in little movie attached
  3. Confirm success or failure when doing same steps (very simple and quick) on your side
    • If this succeeds, unlike failure you observed with your files:
      • Root cause is probably related to your impacted data
      • And if so (and data cannot be shared here in PTC Community for confidentiality reasons), I suggest to open a case to PTC TS and ask for further assistance on those data
    • If this fails, similarly to failure you observed with your data
      1. Exit from Creo Parametric
      2. Restart a new session after having ensured to not read any upon startup
      3. If this succeeds now after startup in standard (no config/ no toolkit), you'll know that one option in your config file is probably the root cause of the unexpected behavior you're currently facing => And proceed if so by dichotomy (steps documented in article 36142) in order to isolate the option responsible of the unexpected behavior


Hope this helps as next step.





Thank you Martin (and Serge) for your reply. However, I'm still not having any success. I will have to troubleshoot further, as I had this working a year ago or so. We recently updated our tables and balloons, so the answer may lie there somewhere. Although, the changes were nothing drastic.

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