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Create or Redefine Simplified Representation WITHOUT Activating It?


Create or Redefine Simplified Representation WITHOUT Activating It?

Is it possible to create or redefine a simplified representation in Creo Parametric WITHOUT causing it to activate? I often will make adjustments to an arbitrary simp rep while the model is open in an empty rep. However, the only options I see are "Open", "Cancel", and "Apply". Pressing Open is the only way I know to actually save the changes made, which forces the simp rep to become the active rep in the model. This can be extremely frustrating when working with a massive assembly.

I would love to see this screen have options like "Save", "Apply", and "Cancel" instead of the current set.


I don't think there is a particularly clever way to achieve what you are looking for. You can however be smarter about the simplified rep default settings. Remember that if include or exclude are by default as you add content it will either automatically add or exclude from each rep.


There are also zonal reps so you can include or exclude in zones between datum planes for example.


Additionally rules based reps might help you where you scan set rules to include or exclude on a parameter or the part number, the controls for that are endless really. In the past I have used a parameters that identify parts as fasteners so I can have a rep that has removed all fasteners with one line of code.


Also you could use combined view states. Set up each window to be the reps you want to control so you adjust in that window. 


Again coming back to reps. If you are only needing pictures for drawings these huge reps could simply be graphic reps so you would not be able to measure distances in the model but would see the part.


Hope this helps.


No new ideas or functionality on this topic, I guess? Having this problem now. I'm making a mapkey to create a bunch of simp reps for large assembly management. Since the assemblies are large, it's a hassle having to activate them as they are created. And since the simp reps are rule-based and not manual, I can't define them in the model tree. I want to create a new simp rep, set up the rules, and then save that simp rep and create another one. All without activating the simp rep, or ideally even evaluating the rules.


I thought I had found a bit of a workaround in that I can right-click on the "open" button in the simp rep window and choose "Open Automatic". This way, I at least don't have to activate the master rep, I thought. But then I realized that doing so saves the simp rep with the default rule "automatic" instead of "master", which is not what I want.


Not possible, I'm guessing? Anyone have any ideas?

Sadly, I haven't seen any updates. Still the same old hindrance of requiring Master rep.

23-Emerald IV

Since they are rule based anyway, could you temporarily move the insert bar to the top of the model tree, create all the reps., and then exit insert mode?

You can modify simplified reps from within the model tree. Add the simp rep names to the model tree, modify tree columns and add the simp rep(s) you want to modify.

This does indeed seem to work, thank you! It's a shame the only way to currently do this is something cumbersome like modifying my model tree columns, but it's better than waiting a half hour for something to load. Thanks!


EDIT: There's one major problem with this method. You cannot choose User reps in the dropdown menu that appears in that column. You can choose all the standard ones (Master, Exclude, Automatic, etc.), so in many cases this may help.

I haven't seen any activity on this, and somehow this post got marked as Solved, which it very much is not. I wanted to restate the issue with a visual aid, in case it isn't clear what I am asking. 

I can open this model in an empty simp rep, open the simp rep manager, and create or edit a simp rep--all without loading any 3D CAD. But if I want to get past this screen, my only choices are to Open (saves the simp rep definition and opens it to the graphics window), Cancel (undos any changes I made), or Apply (opens it to the graphics window but does not save the edited simp rep definition). This feels like what was most likely an oversight in the original UI design and was just never properly addressed, I should be able to just press something like "OK" and return to the previous screen without being forced to load all those models.

Hi M_C_Anderson,


Thank you for reaching out. The post does not have any solution yet. 

You can continue to post and comments on your issue. 




I think everyone understands the issue and that there isn't a way to do what you're asking (which I agree seems like a good idea). So your only hope is probably to add it as a product idea and then hope it gets picked up by the developers, which usually takes a few years at the best of times.

23-Emerald II

I tend to agree with @Pettersson that you can't "edit" a rep the way you want to edit it. I don't disagree that it would be a nice to have. 

You can submit a "product idea" here

Set you expectations low that anything will be done so you aren't disappointed! Post back on this thread if you do create the idea and I will vote for it.

23-Emerald II

I voted! Just to reiterate...Set you expectations low that anything will be done so you aren't disappointed!

Being a little disrespectful of PTC on the community that they pay for,  they don't do a whole lot for usability. They tend to work on the latest and greatest new thing and only put a small effort in to usability, 

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