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Creo 2.0 Parametric - Summary


Creo 2.0 Parametric - Summary

Good Day All,

Thanks for all of the emails and the good information. Below is a summary:

Went from M10 to M20 to M30 to M40 to M50 to resolve successive new issues. M50 resulted in unexplainable multiple crashes daily over several users. Back to M40. At least it is relatively stable. However, the problems with showing datums and gtols on drawings and KEEPING them there at printing and checking in to WT have been insurmountable. We can't figure if it is bugs, network or lack of education on our part on the new Creo philosophy of gtol creation/showing. Some here have resorted to using old old old symbols of gtols and datums that we had hand created back in - what ProE 16?- because we just can't manage to create these things reliably. All here are wishing we were still at W4.

Have you considered one of the later versions of Creo, like M080 (or soon M090)? I have heard the M050 and before had a LOT of issues that were resolved in M070 and M080... We are in the process of testing Creo so I cannot yet speak for my company. I have heard very mixed reviews from admins and users of other companies, so can anyone verify from their experience that M080 is much more stable? (or not...?)

We have been running M060 for quite awhile and the crashes are few and far between. That with about 80 licenses and about 200 users. Hoping to go to M090 after the first of the year.

BTW we are on M040 and are having the Crashing and datum issues too. In 2014 we are upgrading from WC 9.1 to 10.2 so I will plan on upgrading to M090 then. The other builds all sound to sketchy.

If you're using Windchill, stay away from M080. There's some kind of save bug where objects that should be saved aren't getting saved. Sorry I can't be more specific, we don't use Windchill here so I'm not familiar, only seen it mentioned on the various forums.

Is you make files read only and you save or checkin it really messes with some stuff. That's why we are waiting for M090 hoping that bug is fixed. Also need to upgrade for our 10.2 update.

We currently use m030 and have some crashing issues as well as an issue for bolt analysis in Creo Simulate. We tested m080, but that was a complete train wreck. Read only objects in workspaces needing to regen would cause your model not to save. We also had some data loss for objects modified in m080, the changes would not show up in m030. (I always thought build codes were backwards/forwards compatible.) We are waiting for m090 now... come on PTC....

We are doing the same thing. Holding tight at M040 (With the crashing and datum display issues) and waiting for Windchill 10.2 M010 to release and then upgrade Creo to M090 when it comes out.

We were required to migrate from WF4 to Creo 2 build M040 for PLM compatibility, and deeply regretted the move. We had over 30 SPR's opened in the few months following our migration.

This is the 3rd major migration we have made with PTC's CAD tools, and this was the 3rd time in a row that our productivity was negatively impacted.

We are presently on M070, and still suffering more crashes & sluggish performance problems than with WF4. (Have you noticed how many customers have commented this year that they are using the Exit Logger? This should be a red flag for those that have not migrated yet.)

My personal preference is to not migrate to a new PTC CAD product until the build reaches M100 or greater, if you have the luxury of waiting.

We've been on Creo 2 for some time without any significant issues using build M030. We went from WF 5 to Creo 2 because of some issues with Creo 1 and assemblies.

See David Haight's warning about M080! Stay away, it has a major bug.

PTC has come across a Creo/Windchill interaction issue in Creo Parametric 2.0 M080 where models fail to save to the Workspace components are modified and have a read-only status:

This thread is inactive and closed by the PTC Community Management Team. If you would like to provide a reply and re-open this thread, please notify the moderator and reference the thread. You may also use "Start a topic" button to ask a new question. Please be sure to include what version of the PTC product you are using so another community member knowledgeable about your version may be able to assist.

Only because I hate the idea of losing the e-mail (ha ha). My 0.02 would be to implement m090 at least as there are some really good fixes included with it over m080. Below is the summary I wrote out and just didn't send. And please note, my views do not represent company positions, etc.


Just to chime in with our experience (m050 imp in July, m070 currently). CP2 has some ready-seen warts. The pitfalls I would mention:

* When interacting with WC, watch out for tmp files (in cache). These will cause many/any subsequent sessions to crash. (No fix in sight)

* Family Tables took a turn down. Many performance issues we've had seem to coincide with FT's.

* Bad modeling in previous models makes.....things.....much......worse in CP2.

* When connecting to multiple servers (i.e. tests, etc.), watch out for same-named workspaces, this could cause loss of workspace cache.

* When creating a note, drawing will cycle and eventually lose table data. (fixed in M090)

* Various crashes with simplified reps. We don't leverage Graphics Reps, but I understand that these are a huge source of crashes. (Many/most are fixed in M090)

* Watch out for updating customization files and files. There is a hole somewhere that CP2 remembers its previous customizations but the updated/new file doesn't it deletes the .ui file.

* Simp Rep preview panel still an issue with WC (it wants to download everything). Sort of fixed in m070, fixed in a solid way in m080.

* Command search will not find items if they are removed during customizations. So don't remove, just push to overflow :).

* PTC essentially removed common installation. While it's possible, it now (essentially) requires Admin privileges to use.

o To get around this in a non-supported way, when using WC, delete the ".do_not_read_config.fld" file and rename the creoagent installer.

* Annotation tool wreaks havoc on existing gd&t and takes some getting used to.

* Normal constraint nice, but comps keep assuming it unnecessarily. Use comp_normal_offset_eps setting.

* Saving is a pain if using WC in conjunction with items marked as read only.

* Overall poor/worse performance with WC. Outstanding issue that just gets worse in CP2. Of everything, the flagship CAD tool working so poorly with the flagship Data Administration tool just overall leaves a bad taste. When used in standalone mode, I think CP2 is a clear improvement over previous gens. But that's not real world.

Things that we see as good:

* Command Search (this is a great tool for moving to CP2, but as a seasoned user, it's also just a great tool to find commands that I hardly ever use and were difficult to find in any version). I find myself looking for the command search in Excel, etc.

* Learning Connector (very good tool, good smattering of included content)

* Love tab customization (if you don't like office 2010, CP2 is gonna be a curse to you).

* Better range of environment tweaking (icon images, etc.)

* Dynamic sectioning (though there are still performance and file size drawbacks)

* Easier to get new users up and going (seems to be the case, but this is based on a very small sampling).

* Flexible modeling (but this can also be a very bad thing, depending on your viewpoint).

* Tabs, I think, are a better layout for accessing functionality.

* Custom selection filter

* Assembly 3D dragger (many curse this initially but most users that I finally got to using it now like it)

* For the rare occasion, the new sketched rib feature is nice.

* (Personal) I am one of the few who like the new measure tool overall. But the selection wasn't intuitive (for seasoned or for new users).

* Sketcher overall is better (feature tools, palette, offset entity, etc.).

* On-screen assembly constraint changes

Overall, I would say CP2 is a wash. If the terrible intra-system integration would have been even the same rather than worse, it would have been an overall better imp. Instead it winds up being another in a long line of meh. Unfortunate.


OK - I am not digging up something that is REALLY old - just sorta' old.

I am looking at the PTC software download site and trying to determine which
build I should get for my initial install. I see in this thread that there
is considerable mention that M090 is pretty stable and that is the latest
build - I am all for that, but the latest (current) build on the PTC site

What's up with that? Did they retract M090? Am I missing something?

Thanks - Nate

M090 Will not be released until Dec 20th.
Use m070.

David Haigh