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Cross Sections in a drawing mode - Creo 2.0. why is it so hard!!

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Cross Sections in a drawing mode - Creo 2.0. why is it so hard!!

hi guys & girls,

!!and PTC please take note!!.


why isn't the new cross section tool in the "drawing space" where it should be?


currently we either have to make a section in the part in "model space" or go through a lengthy process in order to put one in whilst in "drawing space".

the new section tool in "model space" is handy and a lot faster that the old way. so why isn't it in the "drawing space" as well.?


lets face it,

a cross section in a 3d part is informative but ultimately the section view in a drawing is where we get its true value.

so why is it easier to make a section in "model space" than it is in "drawing space", shouldn't it be the other way around?


or maybe i missed a new feature that I haven't started using, let me know if this is the case


also whilst where on the topic of sections:

  • find a way to make offset sections faster
  • make a plane between two surfaces tool < seriously why is this not a thing i waste a lot of time making these long hand
  • fix the sketch tools in drawing space


for me it comes down to clicks, there are so many clicks to do the simplest things, fix this please, i have so many macros its getting silly

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I'm going to guess this isn't a question because the simply answer is that PTC has always done it this way in Pro|E. Just because the look has changed doesn't mean the underlying code has.

Actually, I find that the PTC 2000i code was more robust than any of the Creo implementations so even the underlying code has been compromised or corrupted in some way.

My age-old question is... if we can do shaded views in drawings, why can we not do shaded section views!

As to why - Creating sections in 3D is valuable in the development of a product. Since sectioning software has to be created to serve the 3D function, it's a wasted effort to duplicate a similar function in the more difficult 2D environment.

In 3D I usually create datum planes for setting up cross-sections. It's much easier to ensure that I get the surface or axis reference I want; something that is not simple or always possible in orthographic views. In 15+ years of Pro/E I don't recall ever wanting to create a section on a drawing. Maybe it's the poor interface for drawings, but it never seemed like there was some way that could be more reliable than 3D datum planes or sketches for offset sections.

I have been disappointed by the sectioning and hatching ability on drawings. Check any text on material related hatch patterns and you will find that PTC supplies only 1 base with minor variations that rob the drawing of a vital tool in communicatiing the properties of the sectioned parts.

Agree - not fond of the sketch tools up to WF5. Lately on my nerves is that if I set Drawing Sketched Options to snap to grid, it seems to also set model Sketcher Grid on, which is under a different menu. I also wish for the partial view boundary tool to clip based on a polygon rather than the difficult to control spline. And a real pony, And a Red Rider BB-gun.

5-Regular Member

maybe its the products I work with,

but there is always that time when i go "hrmn this drawing doesn't display everything i need it to, ill put a section view right here..... right back to the model to put one in, because its too hard to do in the drawing."

having a way to put axis in in drawing mode would be great now that you mention it.

ive been using pro e / creo for 5 years now, before that it was inventor/solid works for a long time, so i really miss the features that i had, on the other hand there's a lot in pro e that i like.

i spent a lot of time making new hatches so that's not a huge drama. that its done.

speaking of hatches; that's another long winded process,

dbl click, next, next, next, etc,(or pick if your feeling sassy) retrieve, select, angle, 45 , spacing, half, half.... or what ever

couldn't it just select the hatch i clicked on in the first place and give me a nice tool tip.

The best ive had with the sketch tool is to project lines from your part, turn on angle and point snap in the menu and then sketch,and hope that you can click on the end of the line you just made to start a new line.. and when your done remember to relate the sketch to the view or your going to be swearing.

spline.... you mean the circle box of a million clicks

I only ever wanted a Viewmaster,

5-Regular Member

I don't mind the approach which PTC has with sections because I like to keep as much information in the model as possible, and as little in the drawing as possible. This is partly because I don't like the drawing module much, but mainly because this workflow has been more efficient for me.

I would like shaded cross section views in the drawing module too. That's been a glaring omission for too long.