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Datum Tag problem


Datum Tag problem



I found a problem regarding DATUM TAG in Creo parametic 2.0. I use the "Annotation Feature" in part-mode, here i create "DATUM TAG"'s for my drawing. If i use "Geometry" as reference, it works fantastic. The Datum Tag is hidded on the part, and in drawing-mode, I mark the Annotation feature from the model-tree of the part, and then use "Show Model Annotations", and at the drawing i can choose on which view i want Datum Tag's.


If I instead uses "Datum" as reference, and choose a specific "datum plane", then i can not hide the plane on the model, and the DATUM TAG is added for all view at the drawing. Why is that ?

- I have to make a DATUM TAG, tangent to a cirkel and normal to a surface.



I like to have all DATUM TAG's in one feature, etc "Annotation 1" and i do not want visible plane's at the 3d part.


Kind regards,


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Re: Datum Tag problem


About year ago we've had pretty long conversation about this problem, and few other ones here on the forum boards, that were also related to drawing annotations.

I am not using this type of annotations at my day-to-day work, but if I can remember correctly, the solution to this is to use these datum tags defined as drawing symbols.

I can tell I managed to corrupt a part file while trying to test these datum tags back then, but I don't remember the necesarry steps to do that anymore. That is to convert model datum plane to one with a datum tag.

If you can take the time, please post the step-by-step procedure you are going through. Maybe someone might be able to help you.

I can only reccomend you to stay out of model annotations, and stick to drawing annotations and symbols.

Re: Datum Tag problem

Hello Kenneth and welcome to the forum.

Indeed, we had a long discussion on this.

This one is how Creo would crash when moving datums. This is a warning that when manipulating datum tags on a drawing, save often! This was reported as an SPR to PTC:

GD&T Annotation Users in Creo/Pro: Please Read

This is the very long discussion Jakub referred to:

Drawings unstable in Creo 2.0?

The take-away was that applying datum tags to primary datum planes makes them difficult to hide. However, if you create datum tags on Geometry, Creo creates datum planes for that purpose behind the scenes and therefore, they can be hidden more easily. Therefore, it is probably prudent to create datum surfaces to make the tags more controllable.

Also, you have the option to re-relate the tags to other features. On a drawing you probably want to do this anyway. Nothing wrong with it.

The one I have the most trouble with today, a year on, is the cylinder datum. You cannot easily move the attachment point in the drawing. This requires some work by the developers.

In the end, since most of my clients pay me by the hour, I found using a datum tag symbol to be much easier and a lot more "mobile" on the drawing. It does not help with GD&T assignments, but the symbol is more how I would like the associative tags to work. I have attached the Creo 2.0 (full version) symbol in case you can make use of it. Most of my development is cylindrical in nature so I need those "invisible" datums to cover -B- and -C- since often I don't have surfaces for these.