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Draft a wrapped sketch around cylinder


Draft a wrapped sketch around cylinder

I have a tool path that is cut out or a cylinder. The tool path is around the cylinder.  I know that I can use relations to have it wrapped proportionally around the cylinder, but I want to create drafting feature that can show the dimensions by angular dimensions. With the first angle being 15 degrees and the total length as 360 degrees.  


I need some help from a Creo expert who might be able to help.



Using a wrap feature you can make a reference diameter and use that in an equation with Pi to get your 360deg but expressed as a linear dimension.  You could create the sketch externally before the wrap and put that on the dwg, but you'll have to manually create dimensions and substitute the linear dimension text as your angular dimensions.

One way to get the dimensions you want is the following:


  1. Create the solid model of the cylinder with the cuts in it.
  2. Copy the outer surface of the cylinder as a quilt.
  3. Create an anchor origin to use when developing the cylinder to a flat pattern
  4. Flatten the quilt of the OD of cylinder
  5. Create linear dimensions (annotation dims) on the flattened quilt
  6. Write relations to map the linear dims in the previous step to angular displacement
  7. Insert parameters used to calculate the angular displacement
  8. Show the parameters in the relevant view


See this video for details on how to implement this solution.


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Did you consider wrapping your driving sketch (which is in terms of "degrees" in the horizontal axis) around a cylindrical surface which has diameter of 360/pi

Then project the wrapped curves onto your actual cylinder:



Hello, I'm not an expert but if I can I help you (sorry for my english).
what version of creo do you use (maybe I can publish)?



Hi Cameron, Built with Creo1.

The notes for the flat path are missing.

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