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Drawing problem


Drawing problem

Can any one say -

We know that as BOM gets updated, the baloons are also updated.

But how aBOM baloon number can be linked with any note, such that when the BOM gets updated the Baloon number in the note also get updated ?

Say for example:

Serial no. in BOM is 2

Baloon No is also 2

what will be in Note say: <u>Item No 2</u> ( ' 2 ' needs to be updated as the BOM tabel gets updated)

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I've talked to PTC about this and was informed that it can't be done.

David W. Lawrence
Mechanical Engineer
Sigma Space Inc.

I asked PTC for this, oh, I think 10-12 years ago. The answer is no.
"Why would you want that?" was the response if I remember right.

To be fair, it's not a trivial problem. If an item exists in many
assemblies, it may have many different index numbers on many different
BOMs. How do you track that?

Doug Schaefer
Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer

Me too.

I'm wondering if you could set up repeat region relations to identify
the index numbers of the parts in the bom, then assign the index number
to a parameter and call that out in a note, but I'm not sure there are
the right commands in the programming language to do this.

I've resorted to calling out part numbers instead of item numbers, but
even that is not parametric, just safer in case the item number changes.


Walt Weiss

You can fix the BOM index so that an item number never changes. Would that help?


I prefer not to fix the index because I prefer to have the bom sorted by
part number which makes life easier for the people who have to work from
the drawing.

There are several functional limitations in Pro/Detail that have been
neglected, that contribute to drafting errors or just plain slow down
the whole drawing effort.

Maybe I could deal better with this neglect if I was closer to
retirement age, but I'm stuck with this for a while.

In my world I need drawings for submittals and production, and it helps
a lot if these things are handled parametrically - that is where the
software can be of value.


Walt Weiss

I agree with Stefan

At some point in the design development, when things become somewhat stable we use the fix BOM index.

Verify that the notes refer to the correct items, and from that point forward the current item numbers are locked. Any future changes to the assembly "Adding or Deleting items" does not effect the item numbers.

The notes will remain correct unless you delete one of the items that is referenced in a note, and in that case you would be updating that note anyway.

Dave McClinton

MCAD System Administrator

McKesson Automation

724 741 7760


We have asm's with all different serial no's ,but as soon as u update or add theindex no always becomes a problem

So we dont use the index repeat region we asign a specific parameter for our bom ballons

Setting up parameters in model environment and linking the parameter for example serial number in bom repeat region table for bom ballons solves this problem.Index is not the only parameter that can be used bom ballons.

Hope this helps

David Bristow(Cad/Cam Engineer)

Foundries Engineering Centre
Tell: 041-402 8904
Fax: 041-4524 400

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