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Drawing views not updating - Creo 2 M050


Drawing views not updating - Creo 2 M050


We have come across this issue now at two of our sites...PTC have really gone to town with weird functionality in Creo.

If a drawing view is of a model which contains a cosmetic thread and the model is changed the drawing view does not update unless you hide and then show the cosmetic thread.

Anybody else come across this? Surely this is not 'intended functionality'...?



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I did have that issue on my prints with cosmetic thread.

I wrote a "regen all' mapkey that seems to take care of it on my end.

cut and past this into your and see if it helps.

mapkey ra @MAPKEY_NAMEREGEN ALL ASPECTS;@MAPKEY_LABELREGEN ALL; mapkey(continued) ~ Command `ProCmdDwgRegenModel` ;#AUTOMATIC;\

mapkey(continued) ~ Command `ProCmdViewRefit`;

We have had a ton of issues with drawings in both WF 5.0 and Creo 2.0. It appears to be related to how Show Model Annotations, Erase, Unerase, and Delete were modified in WF 5.0 for detail items. Our issues include:

  • Shown dimensions automatically erasing every time the drawing updates (known SPR).

  • Datums for GTOLs disappearing.

  • Symbols disappearing.

I've filed calls with PTC Technical Support, but their answer always tends to be "send us the drawing." We can't do that. Since the detail items disappear, now the designer has to check every drawings every time they retrieve it, and every time it updates, to see if anything fell off. Obviously it's not easy to remember what was on a drawing, especially if it has been weeks or months since they last looked at it.

David R. Martin II

Senior CAD Application Specialist