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Dual Dimensioning - Pattern quantity


Dual Dimensioning - Pattern quantity

Hello everyone.


I am a Creo 4.0, M080 user.


I am having a problem with Dual Dimensions. My Creo units are in, so my dual dimensioning is in[mm]. I have a drawing showing some notes with pattern quantities using the &pXXX from the model, and when I set the Drawing property dual_dimensioning to secondary[primary] or secondary, it shows my &pXXX*25.4, which is wrong, the pattern quantities must not be multiplied by the conversion factor. Do you know how to solve this?


Thanks in advance.

21-Topaz I

I'm using Creo 4 M060 and I don't see the behavior you are reporting. The number of pattern members, or "P" value is the same as a parameter with "INTEGER" as its type, and is thus unitless.

I tested this out via the following:

(1) I created a simple pattern on a part, 4 pattern members.

(2) I created a drawing with the part, and defined a note "BLAH BLAH &p9." (i.e. the pattern member quantity for me was "p9").

(3) The note was shown as "BLAH BLAH 4." regardless of what I set the units display to.

Are you sure you're using &p and not &d? I can't think of any other cause, unless between M060 and M080 they introduced a whopper of an error into the program.

Hi Ken.


Thank you very much for your reply.

I just noticed that it is not happening in all my drawings, just a few ones have this problem, which makes this even more strange.


In this image I have my drawing property dual_dimensioning as Primary[secondary]:



As you can see, I have the &p value in the noteim2.PNG


But, when I change the Drawing property to Secondary[Primary], it changes the qty value from 2 to 51:



I don't know if this is a bug or something, but it is not happening in all the files, just a few ones.


Thank you.

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