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EXT : Intermittent Relations Failure

21-Topaz II

EXT : Intermittent Relations Failure

Yeah, I figured it was an order of operations thing, I just can't figure
out how to change the order of what to get it to work. And, yes, I get
that message and the traffic light is yellow (in assy mode, in drawing
mode there's no traffic light although the drawing views are a mess).

Someone suggested making sure the relation driven dims and prams are in
the family table. I tried that (and tried removing them all) and it
made no difference.

I'm having trouble sorting out what happens first. I get that initial
relations are processed first, then the part is regenerated then the
post-regen relations are processed. Where, then, are family table
values read? It has to be before regen, obviously, but is it before or
after the initial relations? It would seem that it would be before so
that the relations would be processed properly, however, that should
mean that all values would be set properly before each instance is
regenerated, which is not what I'm seeing.

It's almost as if the instance is being processed with the values of
another instance, or perhaps the generic, rather than the family table

Doug Schaefer

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Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer


In the past for creating parametric Mechanica analysis studies I have used
the Relations Analysis feature to control the sequencing of relations
calculations. One side benefit was that it could eliminate the need for the
classic double regeneration.

To access it (it is kind of buried) go to Insert > Model Datum > Analysis.
Then click on Relation in the type portion of the dialog box. It
essentially allows you to put your relations in the model tree as a feature
so that you may control the calculation

sequence within the regeneration cycle.

Has worked for me in the past.might work for you.


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