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Family table woes, Neutral data error...


Family table woes, Neutral data error...

Hello everyone,


I am trying to restore a family table instance that was previously removed (I assume by accident.) While following the steps listed in document CS4975 I am getting the following error:


Instance(s) [CAD Part - 9p-102-00016.prt, -.20] do not have same neutral data version as the generic CAD Part - 9p-102.prt, A.3 and hence cannot belong to the same family table.


If I open the generic from commonspace, there is no table row for the -00016 instance. However, in an old offline version of the generic file I can find the instance and see everything it needs to have (everything seems to open properly.) There is an "instance" with the correct name in the commonspace but opening it, then opening it's generic, results in a table that has no separate data in the family table fields, only the three collumns for Type, Instance Name, & Common Name.


Any thoughts from the experts here?


I am running creo elements/pro 5.0 M210 and PDMLink 10.1 M020




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Check and see if there is a specific part for the instance that has been separated from the family. (i.e. is there a model for 9p-102-00016.prt out there somewhere that is not part of the family)

Someone may have deleted the line from the table which breaks it's association with the family, but resaved the drawing, assembly, or something else that may have had the model in it at the time.

That is my thoughts, Dale

So far as I can tell, the only iterations of this part number are related to the generic in question. Doing a search of our Windchill results in only the versions up to -.20 for part *-00016 while the generic has been promoted to A.3 at some point.

I am not a Windchill user, so that part of the problem I will not understand.

Could the path be seeing the part that is in the commonspace that you are referring to and therefor will not let you put an instance back in that is already there?

(My gut feel is that there is still a loose model in assemlby that has lost it's associativity that is preventing this. Is there a way to do a where used on that part and check those assemblies?)

The system is certainly opening the commonspace version preferentially. The issue seems to be that there is a file that looks like an instance but is not connected to the generic. Trying to open the 00016 instance with nothing else loaded results in a part that looks like the generic (with all the default sizes.) Opening the generic then gives a family table that has no "feature adjustment) columns.

I have been able to correct this error by checking out an old revision of the generic from before the error. Time will tell how many issues this causes down the line but somehow the family table seems to have loaded up with all the current iterations. I have my fingers crossed on this end!

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