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Fix Index, ProProcess find numbers


Fix Index, ProProcess find numbers

My company uses ProProcess to drive our assembly drawings. 

The problem: When I create a drawing using a ProProcess Assembly there is a separate BOM table used for every View.  I am wondering if there is a way to sync all the tables so that when I "fix index" on a part, it will always be that index on every view (every view is driven by a different step and simplified rep and seems to just assign indexes in numerical order unless they are fixed).

My current thinking is that maybe I can create a parameter in the design assembly (similiar to how we do on our pcb assemblies with a ref_des paramater that cannot have any duplicates) and then use that parameter on the tables and make a new bom balloon symbol for the new parameter.

To give an example of how this might be of benefit lets say there is a screw (lets say we want it to be item 1, with a total quantity of 10) used on 3 different steps throughout a drawing, on step 1 there are 2x screws installed, step 3 there are 2x screws intalled, and step 10  there are 6x screws installed.

1. Our drawings will have 3 views driven by different simplified reps

2. Each view would have a related table using the same simplified rep to create bom balloons

3. The problem is that there is no guarantee that each screw would not be synced up as item 1, I currently have to manually fix index on each individual bom to make it item 1.

Related to this question I am also wondering if there is a way to drive Windchill WTPart boms with some sort of "Find Number" parameter.  Right now assuming every part/assy is properly owner linked to a WTP, I can create a driven bom, but i have to manually input the Find Numbers.



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Hi Scott

We use a custom BOM balloon showing the part number and qty, all our stock on the cell is driven by part numbers so there is no confusion




Its not easy, but you might want to read through these:

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