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Format of Hole Table For Points


Format of Hole Table For Points

Is there any way to control the format of a hole table that is showing datum points? A couple of areas have proven difficult:

  1. I'm trying to only show specific sets of points, but it insists on listing every point in the model. I can delete the rows I don't want, but when it regenerates it adds them back in.
  2. It adds a row at the very top that says, for example, "Hole Chart" and "TOP: CSYS2". The system won't let me delete this row. I can edit the text, but as soon as it regenerates, everything gets overwritten back to the way it originally appeared.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

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It would be very beneficial to have more control on the hole table creation.

Your suggestions also apply for my application.

I hope someone can points us into the right direction.



If you have maintenance, please take a look at the following article - CS98777‌ Can hole tables be filtered on a Pro/ENGINEER drawing.

If you are not able to access the article, here is a snippet of the resolution:

  • There is no filter capability implemented
  • All holes or datum points will be listed in the table
  • Workaround 1:
    • Create a simplified rep to exclude the undesired holes
    • Use the simplified rep to create the drawing and create the hole tables
    • Resume the hole in simplified rep but not update the hole tables in drawing
  • Workaround 2:
    • Use Suppress command to exclude the undesired holes
    • Create the view and hole tables in drawing
    • Resume the holes in model but not update the hole tables in drawing

Let me know if that answers the question or not.



Thanks for your answer.

I don't know if these workaround are suitable for my application.

I have to check.