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Graphics problem


Graphics problem

I have a graphics problem on a PC.
While the operator works, in executing the various commands, all of a sudden the components that have a texture become completely black.



So, Initially they are correctly loaded with textures, but later on working they become black ...
The pc does not have a certified creo card but a generic "Intel® HD Graphics" driver updated on 11/04/2022.
The only way we have found to have the textures displayed correctly is to open a drw and then close it again ...
or alternatively disable the textures completely from the config using the "texture no" option.

Has there ever been a problem of this kind? Have you solved it? How?
Thank you.

P.S. I use Creo

21-Topaz I

Try this config option to troubleshoot:

  • Use hidden configuration option graphics = win32_gdi

After setting that config does the behavior change?


See this article for details: 

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Thanks for the reply tbraxton,
I had already followed the instructions in the article, but I was unable to solve the problem.
I tried to set "graphics = win32_gdi" but the use of the program becomes so heavy that I can not work to make the error appear ... I have not yet found a condition to study for which the error always appears.
I will continue to study the phenomenon, hoping that some other user has already faced and solved my problem.

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