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Hello! So I have a big problem. Currently, I am using creo parametric and my assignment is to build hoisting gear. Right now I am at a stage where I assemble components. Which means I also download certain cad models or components from online websites (skf, part community, etc). My problem is the component that I have downloaded is somehow faulty? It lacks information, for example, does not have any axis, the unit is not in mm but in inch, and much more. Fyi, I just did the same things (like everything side by side) as my friends did and when I compared our model properties, mine is problematic and very different from theirs. This cause so much difficulty and stress to me. Please help me to fix this problem. Thank you!

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If this is 'your assignment' I am guessing you are a student and therefore YOU need to do your own work and discover why your models are different. Creo allows you to model in inch or mm and convert between the 2 systems.

Erm, yes I am a student and I am doing my assignment myself. First, what I
have been saying about me compare with my friends is because i want to see
if something wrong with my ptc creo or the model data from the website, and
because my model properties are different from my friends ( for example
unit should be in millimeters by default and the models should have axis
too and etc) after i opened it in creo, its clearly something wrong with my
ptc not the model data provided in website as we download the same cad
model. Second, my assignment is to design hoisting gear which consist
shaft, gears, bearings and etc, and the model that i mentioned having
problem is bearing (try search for example NU 324). If you are not a
student then let me tell you, when doing construction course in degree, we
are allowed, in fact the professor ask us to just download certain models
like bearings, retaining rings and so on from online websites, not
construct it from scratch. And not to discover whats wrong with the
downloaded model. So yeah. My main problem is the faulty with the
downloaded model when its being open in creo, my creo. Please refrain
yourself from disrespect me. Anyone please help this distress student!!
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First - congratulations on using Creo in your studies.   There is nothing wrong with asking questions about a resource that is available to you.  Out here in the "Real World", we also download lots of things rather than creating them from scratch.  You need to learn how to make them useful to your projects.


As far as things missing from your import and proper units:  If you select "Use Templates" (a little check box in the Profile section) when you start your import, the software will use your default start parts while importing the object.  You may have to move some stuff around - like the center axis - but it will be closer than if you didn't.


If you still need to change the units, go to File>Prepare>Model Properties then change the units.


If no center axis or planes were imported, you can "roll back" the model (Insert Here) to the appropriate place (just before the import) and insert the axis there (also the 3 default planes if needed.)  


I hope this helps and is not too late for your assignment.

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