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Hole table and callout format


Hole table and callout format

My problem is, there doesn't seem to be a way to insert the callout_format into the hole table, the callout format creates a note when enabled, but it would be much better for my needs if it created a parameter (which I can link to in the hole table) with the note in it self, or at least it would create a parameters which simply links to the note where the callout format is.




Its not automatic, but when I have come across this in the past I have just pasted the note variable name into the table cell. ie &Note_2:FID_759  You can get the note variable name (ie &Note_2:FID_759) if you right click on a note and then choose properties

yes sir,

 Same issue  i am suffering .

Actually I wrote a small script in that writes the whole notes into parameters, it does work for our work environment with limited functionality, if you are interested I can share.

Thank you so much for your kind reply,


Could you please share the file for hole table.

Please share your script for hole table callout.




Barry Schaeffer

Ok, I can do that but first I'll have to explain how it works.

First you'll need to install and configure the API from Creo if you have not done it already. I'm pretty sure there is a few amount of tutorial on the internet for it, but if you have problem let met know.


What the script does is: It reads a hole's note ID, then creates a (note type) Parameter called "Hole".


Usage is: When you finished modelling your part, you open this .exe file while the Modell's window is active in Creo, then obviously you use this Parameter in your hole table.


The limitation I know of is: If a hole is patterned twice (meaning you pattern the hole once, then pattern the first pattern again) the script can't write the parameters. This is because as far as I know there are limitations in the API which prevent me from using it this way.

The script only works with English or Hungarian Creo, because the way I wrote it. It looks for feature type names which are translated if you use different language. But I attached the the code if you like to modify it.




Thanks for this, Sir!



You actually made it work?