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Hole table in drawing


Hole table in drawing


I am trying to use hole tables in drawing instead of coordinates and cannot find how to show hole tolerances (for ex. H7) and position tolerances (+-0.02). Is ther some way how to show both in the hole table?




Thanks in advance. T.

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shown with WF4

Holes were placed with existing tables and were assigned tolerances.

Dimensions were also adjusted and toleranced accordingly.

This information is carried into the tables as such:


then switch your dimensions (info > switch dims)


Put these values (only "&d<value>") in your chart, like so:


notes are a bit different, but not too much, get the name from your model tree


I think that answers your question.

Hi Ron,

I think I did not explain the problem exactly (I am sorry for my english) but I am just trying to find some easier way to make drawings that include many holes - it just takes long time and so on.

Here is one example:


so far i was just dimensioning all holes by coordinates. Now i noticed there exists a functionality called "hole table". The table is very easy and fast to make but there are two things i would need to add in it: a hole tolerance and a hole position tolerance.

For ISO standard models, you may want to investigate the use of tolerance tables.

It looks to be a little involved (with all the class types) but may be what you are looking for regarding "automatic" tolerancing of hole/shaft fits.

look here Tutorial: Support for Tolerance Tables for ISO Models

Putting this creo assigned variable name into a charted table differently from what I've shown is beyond my capabilities at this point.  I've never had a need.

I'm sure it can be done, but I can not provide the solution (yet).  Perhaps another user can help.


Thank you Ron


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