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How to integrate MS excel with creo 2.0.


How to integrate MS excel with creo 2.0.

Dear All,


kindly give me tutorials for Excel integration with Creo.

I want to control dimensions of assembly from Excel sheet.

Is it possible?

what are the differant ways to integrate creo with MS Excel.

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Accepted Solutions

Hi Maulik

What are you tying to do with Excel and how do you want to control it.

While I don't know how to directly control creo with excel, you can use excel to create txt files, which creo can then use to control paramters and setting in family tables.

example of a txt file that updates the family table.


You can also edit the family table with excel by clicking this button


this allows you to edit the family table via an excel spread sheet. showwn below


There may be more options, but this is what we are doing now.

would love to know more about how to use excel within creo myself, as it is one of my favorite tools.


Dear Peter

You said is all about family table link up with Excel.

but my quaery is Excel Analysis how to to perform Excel Analysis in creo.

Ok, that is something I haven't done yet.

Simplified Logic Inc specializes in bi-directional Excel to Creo or Creo to Excell data transfer this with an application called Nitro-CELL.  Please see this Website: Simplified Logic, Inc. and YouTube Channel:  Simplified Logic, Inc. - YouTube