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How to modify Stl parts


How to modify Stl parts

Hi alls,

I need to make some simple modifications on STL files.

I just have to change some holes diameters and to do minor changes.

So what would be the best way with PTC tools ?

I could import STL files and model whole part with parametric functions but
I think it's not necessary in this case

(As I said, just some minor changes to do).

So I would appreciate any advice on tools or method to use.



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Hi Georges,

you have two or three options.

1. Import Data Doctor will recognize some features, so you can go through there and enable them for modification. I'm not an expert on this method, so can't offer much more there.

2. Flexible modeling in Creo 1 and Creo 2 will let you modify hole diameters on neutral data.

3. Additive modeling...just create another feature on top of the hole to add or remove material.

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(in response to gbon)

To my knowledge and imported STL comes in as a facet feature and cannot be modified in standard Creo. It is not a solid and cannot be exported to STEP, IGES, etc. for reimport to an editable feature type either.
Maybe Creo Reverse Engineering can be used. I do not have access to that module, but someone else might chime in on that.

There are software available, that can convert a STL file into a STEP file.

May you should have a look to

A decade ago, I attended a seminar where they demonstrated a proto version of their 3-matic software. They were able to add drafts and rounds to STL-versions of complex castings. They even could identify a round, remove it, add a draft and add the round again.

I lost contact with them, so I've no idea if they brought and kept it in production.

Regards, Hugo.