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How to pass over the 80 Character Barrier for String Parameters


How to pass over the 80 Character Barrier for String Parameters

HI everyone,

It is possible to pass over the 80 Character Barrier for String Parameters? I'm trying to write in a custom parameter more than 80 character, I'm not able because the field does not accept more than 80 characters.

I'm using Creo/Pro 5.0 M220.


Thanks for your help!

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Hi Chantal,

The maximum length of a string parameter is 80. No setting or configuration option is currently available to change this behavior.

I hope this will answer your query.



Thank you Mahesh for the information. But this did'nt resolve my problem.

Maybe I can suggest to vote for this Idea

Remove the 80 Character Barrier for String Parameters

Maybe in the new Release of CREO it could be fixe.

Thank you.

A possible work around would be to use two parameters and put most of your text in one and the remaining in the next. Not pretty, but since there is a limit, I don't see another work around.

At least you got a definite "No" for the current answer and you're not left wondering.

It's good to see that FORTRAN/Hollerith punch card conventions are alive and well.

It's probably baked into Windchill as well to only accept 80 character parameter strings.

Hello Chantal Gagne here is another way (sorry for my english)


1. Create Note_1

2. Type text to the new note like this


3. Create PARAMETER_1 and choose type "note" and value "note_1 id" (see in the picture above in the right top corner)

4. In the drawing you can report your PARAMETER_1 value


I have the same issue where I can set the attribute size to be anything in PDMLink, but am crippled by CREO to 80 characters. I contacted PTC TS a couple weeks back and they were unable to provide a solution or work around.

I am wondering if Pavel Burtsev's idea could be used somehow though. If the attribute was not mapped to PDMLink it seems like it would work, but could you get a larger (than 80chr) PDMLink attribute to pass down to the note? It seems like PDMLink will just overwrite what ever is already there truncated to 80 characters.

I tested the solution proposed by Pavel Burtsev actually works well. But my parameter is mapped into Windchill and nothing appears in Windchill. I even changed the configurations of Windchill to accept 100 characters from this parameter and it still does not work.

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