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How to save explode views with file


How to save explode views with file

I'm wondering if there is a way to save out assembly explosions with a file in Creo such that they may be re-opened after closing Creo or rebooting the computer. For example, if I open a step file of an assembly and create an explode view - is there then any way to save that step file and preserve that explosion? Or is there a specific file format that preserves explosions?

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Hello David Klein

it´s is possible to save explode views for later use. l think your explode view hasn´t been saved. Unsaved explode view is marked with "+" (same like Simplified representation)

See following picture:


If you need export exploded assembly try following:

- create desired explode view

- save explode view

- set desired explode view active

- choose FILE - SAVE AS - select type *.STP - confirm OK

- your explode assembly schould be exported (try to open *.STP file to check it)

Don´t know any config options related to this "topic".

Hope it helps...



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