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I have a few questions about Creo

I have a few questions about Creo

What is the difference between an app, enhancement and an element?

Whats with the “Any” stuff, does it have anything to do with apps, enhancements or elements?

Is the Creo Parametric app only Creo Elements/Pro and is the Creo Direct app only Creo Elements/Direct?

Where does Creo Elements/View fit into this app format?

Does Creo Elements/ View have anything to do with Creo View MCAD?

Is there an enhancement or app needed to be able to go back and forth between Pro and Direct like this video, or is that just built in?

If you make an assembly or part in a weird view in direct (not normal to iso) how will it come in to Pro?

If there is a hole in a pro part and then it is brought into direct and the hole is filled and the part is brought back into pro, is the original hole going to be deleted from its feature in the model tree or is there going to be a feature made to fill the hole?

Is Mechanica a Creo Parametric enhancement or is it part or solely the Creo Simulate app?

Is the Creo Schematics app a replacement or Pro/Diagram?

Is sheetmetal, welding, mechanism, cabling, piping etc going to be enhancements of the Creo Parametric and Direct apps?

Are both Creo Elements/Direct modeling and drafting going to be included in the Creo Direct app?

Does Windchill have nothing to do with the Creo brand?

Is there any plan to have any continuity between the UI’s (inculding button clicks and the look of parts) and terminology (ie. round v blend) of the three elements?

Are there plans to add more elements, apps or enhancements?

Is there a list of enhancements for each app?

Are modules going to be replaced with apps, enhancements or both?

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Re: I have a few questions about Creo

Hi William,

Thanks for your questions. I noticed that you'd also posted them on I'd answered them there, here's the link:

Thanks again for asking some great questions.

Best Regards,