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Importing Laser Scanned Point Cloud Data


Importing Laser Scanned Point Cloud Data

I am looking for help and guidance to import alaser scanned point cloud data (ascii) format into a part file so that it can be used to compare actual part to CAD file.

The scanned data has been converted into meshes that are very truncated and many of thetriangular surfaces are missing or have truncated from the original data. This data has been successfully importedusing iges, step & stl file types, but the result is just not detailed enough.

The original point cloud (approximately 1,000,000 points)data is very detailed and accurate. The point cloudhas been output as ascii data. How can this data be imported into a part model?

Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Currently using WF4 M160, Window 7

Thank you.

Best regards,

Keith Nagelski

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As far as I know you cannot import the ASCII directly. You willneed to get it tranlated to.iges or .ibl. Look at the attached image.If you can get the data into on of those formats then the import point method should work. Granted...tons of points will come in. I think you will just need to deal with the pain of dealing with the points en mass, if you are going to utilize Pro/E proper.

If you have Scan Tools, there are some niceties in that module that will allow some additional import options to deal with points. If that is not an option....find someone with REX and have them (probably not for free) create a facet model from the points. Import that as usual.

I realized after I started this post you are running WF4. The image I attached is 5.The points menu is different but I believe the restrictions and import options are the same. Definitely, the ScanTools and REX options are the same.

Hope it helps.



The typical "point cloud" files for Pro/Engineer are ascii files, as the
one in attachement. All lines that start with "!" are comments and you
don't need them.

If your file is a similar format you can import the cloud using Insert /
Model Datum / Point / Offset Coordinate System. Select the CSYS and then
use the Import button on the dialog box.

There are several issues you need to be aware:
1. There is a limit of 30117 points for import. That mean you will have
to split your file in several smaller files. Also, I'm not sure what is
the total number of points that can be created into a model.

2. I've only used 2 maybe 3,000 points in some models and I remember
that rotating and zooming the model with the points displayed was
painfully slow.