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Increased time to detailing


Increased time to detailing

Good morning to all,


I'm using creo2 since january 2014.

I verified that my time for drafting and detailing is increased by 20-30 percent than WF4.
The drawing are about for mechanical parts.

1) There 's someone who happens to him the same thing?
2) There 's a way to speed up the time of detailing?

(I also use inventor 11 and I noticed that PTC CREO2 has copied the apparence menu.
But did not copy the useful things, such as attachment of a dim just by dragging the reference line near the edge.
Or in modeling when I modify a feature the dimension appears in a small panel near the point of clicks -INV11-
and I do not need to zoom out to look for search the dimension to change -WF CREO-.)

Many thanks for the time.


This thread is inactive and closed by the PTC Community Management Team. If you would like to provide a reply and re-open this thread, please notify the moderator and reference the thread. You may also use "Start a topic" button to ask a new question. Please be sure to include what version of the PTC product you are using so another community member knowledgeable about your version may be able to assist.

Hunting for the dimension is a long term game, introduced early in PTC development.

I love that there's a config option that is supposed to limit the dimension to a certain distance outside the visible window, because once you can't see it, how much you can't see it is important.

Have you gotten one of the special crazy dimensions that appears about 1000 times distant from the object in ratio to the object size and which is only visible by spinning the model so the leader lines are nearly perpendicular to the screen? Those are the best. You can zoom out and zoom out and the dimension location just gets rescaled to be outside the visible portion on the screen.

Yes, I sometimes get that too...Very annoying!

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... all happy with the new interface for drawing?... least ...

is possible to restore the old show/erase?

Yes, PTC severely maimed the show/erase tool. Please join me in voting for the show/erase functionality to return:

Restore drawing Show/Erase functionality in order to search all non-displayed dimensions (erased or ...

Add a Search for Drawing Dimensions

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Hi Lawrence,

how can I join with you for voting?

The link are obscured.

I don't know what those links broke, as I don't see them either. Thankfully they still have the Product idea numbers so I used those to find the links again:

Restore drawing Show/Erase functionality in order to search all non-displayed dimensions (erased or ...

Add a Search for Drawing Dimensions

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Hi Lawrence,

Unfortunately, your links are still blocked..
... by searching through the numbers I find blank pages...

Why? Reason?

23-Emerald IV

And if you can't see them, then it means you need to login. Anyone can create an account, and it's free, but you have to have one to see product ideas.

Hi Tom,

I have an account,

otherwise how I could write on!!


You can only see and post product ideas if you have active maintenance. It's a premium feature.


I am in active maintenance


I have nothing blocked

I'll ask a friend if he sees the link

23-Emerald II


I can open both of your links.


Has IT blocked any links or sites? Just a thought.

I wonder if it is on my end...given that they are constantly blocking new sites that wouldn't surprise me. After I post them, I saw the links, but when I returned to the website today, I can no longer see them either. Can anyone see/use the links I posted?

However I reported it to Ryan Kelley on this forum. if it is on his end hopefully he can figure it out, if it is on our end hopefully he can give more specific info that I can go to my IT dept with in the *hopes* that they will fix it...

Thanks for the suggestion.

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Hey Lawrence -

Thanks for the PM. Unclear why the links were changed from your original post, did you edit the post at all after pressing 'Add Reply'? Did you happen to hit the back button after posting? I'm just trying to remove any senarios in which you returned to the post and the editor removed the links for you.

Any community member with a support-enabled account should be able to view and post links to PTC Community Product Ideas. If you're unable to see Product Ideas while under a support-enabled account please email - so we can work on solving the issue directly.

Thanks all.

Yes my account is registered with active maintenance, and can see all prouduct ideas...just not the links that I posted on this forum (and this is a new problem as they have worked before).

Ryan, I am not sure about the first post, but I know that for the second post I didn't touch, edit, or hit back in the browser. For testing, I will again include the links here and you can see what happens immediatly, as well as when we return.

Restore drawing Show/Erase functionality in order to search all non-displayed dimensions (erased or ...

Add a Search for Drawing Dimensions

"When you reward an activity, you get more of it!"

I can sucessfully see both of these links to two Product Ideas in your reply above, can you confirm the same?

I could see the links immediately after, but when I refreshed after getting the email for your post, the page will not refresh properly and doesn't finish refreshing, so could not verify it. So I switched to Chrome (IT dept discourages at my company) and can still see the new links I posted today (but still not the old). We are still on IE9 for compatibility with PTC software (our versions of windchill 10.1 and Creo2).

As for the links, I can still see them, I guess I will try again tomorrow and see if anything happened to them, as I posted them exactly the same way I did on Sept 26th.

"When you reward an activity, you get more of it!"

That's good information, leads me believe the issue is related to IE9, which has been known to cause issues at PTC Community. For reference, Google Chrome is the preferred browser around these parts. I know that doesn't help your cause but atleast it will mitigate the issue moving forward. I'll also open up a support case with our software provider to investigate.

23-Emerald IV

Okay, correction from what I said earlier. You DO need active maintenance to view product ideas. The page you're displaying is the one that's seen when you aren't logged in using an account that has maintenance. Are you positive that the email address and login you're using for the community are the same ones associated with your maintenance account?

it what way did they maim it?


I agree that Creo is better in some ways for dwg. I don't know why they had to break a tool that was working so well and then let years pass without fixing it (they broke it in WF5)

Look at the product ideas that I updated the links on above.

Basically, you can no longer show all dimensions/datums/notes that are currently not shown within the show dialog. You can only show 'annotations' that have never been shown, or are deleted. You cannot show erased dimensions/annotations! All they need to do is allow erased annotations to be displayable in the show dialog (formally show/erase dialog).

"When you reward an activity, you get more of it!"

yes creo 2 drawing has imporved to certain extend

1. Our company has also found that Creo Parametric detailing is taking a significantly longer time over WF4 and previous versions. This is due to the awful ribbon interface which requires the user to be in the correct tab in order to complete a specific function. Users end up clicking multiple times on a detail element, frustrated that the software is not working, then realize that they have to switch tabs first. Finding the function in the tab is aggravating and users have to take the extra step in searching for functions using the search tool. PTC claims that the tab-specific issue will be alleviated somewhat in Creo 3. We'll see... Additionally, the show/erase dialog slows down users a lot, as Lawrence mentioned above. Couple that with items being buried and hidden in the drawing tree and it's a recipe for severely reduced productivity.

2. Because the ribbon makes the user start each process from the beginning every time, there is no way to regain the lost productivity of pre-Creo releases. You can set up mapkeys that automate routine strings of tasks.

Having a day under my belt in Creo 3, I can tell you it "looks" the same as Creo 2 with a face lift on the icons. However, text editing has become a nightmare and we've already discussed the extra clicks for one-off dimensioning.

But I fully appreciate your frustration on the ribbon... having to choose the right tab after mad-clicking to get a function to work.


I'm user proe since rel.13 (1993), on these days I made the decision to return to design with WF4.

...too much loss of time with creo2...

(I'm paying maintenance and updates for nothing, for this year)

What are you doing to improve your productivity?

Besides the ALT button (which is annoying to have to press), and haivng to know which tab to be under (tripply annoying) there is one sanity-saving workaround when working with the tabs. If you create your own tab, and put something from every tab in it (only one thing required), then you can actually click on everything in that one tab, just like you could in WF.

okay, now that it is out there I must add...PTC Please do NOT remove this workaround functionality!!! If this was a bug, don't fix it. LET US SELECT ANYTHING on our custom tabs.

And while you are at it, stop behaving like a virus and allow us to select on object without having to be on the right!

"When you reward an activity, you get more of it!"
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