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Interrupted Helical Sweep


Interrupted Helical Sweep

Hello All,


I am trying to add a helical cut to a tubular component such that the cut profile will only be applied to a defined amount of rotation (say 200°) and will then be interrupted such that no cut occurs for another defined amount of rotation (say 60°). This would mean that the swept cut would recommence at 260° for another 200° and stop again for another 60°, the pattern would repeat itself for whatever the defined length of the sweep is.


What I'd like to be able to do is set the pitch and the interruption parameters whilst defining the sweep, I'm not sure this is possible though. Another thought I had is to pattern the sweep (cut section and interrupted section), there would be two parameters to such a pattern - linear and rotational, and I'm not sure this is possible. I've included a rough sketch of what I'm hoping to model. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.






Have you considered doing it with quilts and using the intersection of the quilts to interrupt the helical cut?


Create the helical sweep as a quilt and run it around 360 degrees for n turns along the cylinder as needed to get the proximal to distal sweep that you will "interrupt".

Create a pattern leader for a quilt that will interrupt the helix.

Pattern the interrupt quilt as needed.

Merge the interrupt quilt with the helical sweep quilt.

Pattern the merge (reference pattern).


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I used sweep with relation to achieveintrer_cut.jpg this. I attached Creo4 here for your reference.


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