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Is it possible to draw 2D shape from location coordinates?


Is it possible to draw 2D shape from location coordinates?


Thank you for stopping by this topic.


I would like to reduce time to draw complex shape models with Creo.


I have location coordinates data of the forms thus I selected each location to draw the shape.

If it's possible to draw the geometry directly from the location coordinates, it helps a lot.

Do you have any ideas to perform it?




Sorry I do not understand your question, but I think I am doing something similar.

I design cam using Matlab (anyone can use Matlab basic online for free) and create 3D shape of the cam in Creo, following the steps below:


Calculate in Matlab -> export cam profile coordinates as txt/xlsx -> save exported data as .pts -> create points in Creo by importing the .pts file -> create curve from points -> extrude (in the sketch, offset 0 from the curve) -> done.

The process can be automated with mapkey and automation script. 


Thank you for your comment.

It is possible for Matlad to create cam profile from location coordinates (each location coincides with the apex of the shape profile)?
If so, the 3D shape can be created with the following procedures you mentioned.


Sorry I am not sure I understand your question.

If you have all coordinates, of course you can generate the cam profile.

In my case, I use the timing diagram to calculate all the coordinates necessary to generate cam profile.

Note that the cam profile is different from the pitch curve. In a Youtube video, the poster generate the pitch curve and use that curve as if it is cam profile. 

I am also having a same type of question . Mynordstrom Login

I have a home-project to develop linear cam profile with roller follower In the way that appear in the picture. I found it only on a video on youtube after hours of searching but without any code or even a description if it can be done on or not. my deadline is approaching so please help me to get this done. thank you
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Yes, it is possible. See my answer to this previous post. 

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Yes, it is possible to draw a 2D shape from location coordinates.       DGME

One common way to do this is by using a graphics library or framework such as HTML5 Canvas, SVG, or OpenGL. These libraries allow you to define the vertices (or points) of the shape using location coordinates, and then connect the vertices with lines or curves to form the desired shape.

For example, in HTML5 Canvas, you can define a shape by specifying a set of points using the moveTo() and lineTo() methods. Here's an example of how to draw a triangle using Canvas:


var canvas = document.getElementById("myCanvas");

var ctx = canvas.getContext("2d");



ctx.moveTo(50, 50);

ctx.lineTo(100, 75);

ctx.lineTo(75, 100);



In this example, moveTo() sets the starting point of the shape, lineTo() connects the points to form the triangle, and closePath() closes the shape by connecting the last point to the starting point. Finally, stroke() is used to draw the shape on the canvas.

Of course, the exact syntax and methods used will depend on the graphics library or framework you are using, but the basic idea is the same: define the vertices of the shape using location coordinates, and then connect them to form the desired shape.


I have a home project that involves developing a linear cam profile with a roller follower, as shown in the picture.

Despite hours of searching, I was only able to find a video on YouTube that demonstrates it without any accompanying code or description of its feasibility. As my deadline is approaching, I am seeking assistance to complete this project.

Thank you


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