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Is there a way to save a drawing only, with no models being saved?


Is there a way to save a drawing only, with no models being saved?

Sounds like a silly question...

I know there is a config option to control which models are saved with a drawing (always or modified only)... but I can't for the life of me remember if it is even possible to only save the drawing.


I've created an automation project with all model parameters externally controlled, and want users to be able to modify drawing templates and save them as new drawings, without saving the underlying configurable models.



what about this ...

1.] copy models to "working" directory

2.] run your automation application using models from "working" directory

3.] delete models from "working" directory

Martin Hanák
21-Topaz I

You could open the drawings with the "no views" rep which will not pull in the model. You can change the template and save without saving the model however if there are any model parameters called out in the drawing template then you will need the model when you change the template.

You can copy outside Creo? In "My Computer" / File Explorer? And then open it into your Creo world afterwards ...

I can't believe that after 25 years, there isn't a simple config option called "SAVE_DRAWING_ONLY".

But then again, I scratch my head every day at some of the goofiest things that have never been addressed after decades.  🙂

I think you're looking tor the "create_drawing_dims_onlyconfig option.  If set to "yes", it will save the created dimensions in the drawing, not the model.  There are some limitations of this mode, but I don't recall the details.


No, I mean to actually save just the drawing file without saving the models.


I don't understand, what portion of the drawing are you looking to save without the model?

Are you saying that you want the views to be broken from the model in the copy? Or are you trying to save the drawing as a template that you can apply to new models so things like some basic views are there? If so then do that as a template not a drawing. 

It's hard to tell from what you are asking exactly what the purpose of just saving the drawing is. 

lol... not sure why it's confusing, but I would like to just save the drw file, and not the asm or prt files.  🙂

23-Emerald II

The reason there is confusion is during normal user interaction with the software, a user would never want to save the drawing only since the drawing is completely dependent on the model and of course you know that.

You would need to request an enhancement to the software. Then wait another 25 years and be disappointed again.

Convert all the views to draft entities & delete drawing model from drawing. Then you will be able to save only drawing without model reference.

23-Emerald III

This post is true, but beware, if your model changes, you will have to manually update the drawing or recreate it and reconvert in order to be accurate. I just came through a several year process of fixing drawings that had be blasted to smithereens and were no longer reliable data. 


If you have WindChill, maybe you can have the automation set the model to Locked?

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