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Model Check for External References


Model Check for External References

We are in a mixed environment. We are using ProE and NX in a MultiCAD environment. We have ProE users learning NX and vise versa. We're finding external references for various reasons. I think some of it is from trying to uses ProE like NX. There are many things you can do in NX that do not create external references that do in ProE.

So with that as background, we need a way to check files to insure they don't contain external references. We have Model Check. I have never configured it. I'm trying to get a feel for what it can do with regard to external references.

Thanks in advance.

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Hey Mike,

I like your idea of using ModelCheck to filter these relationships before they make it to "common space".

Consider preventing external references altogether with the following config setting:

default_ext_ref_scope none
scope_invalid_refs prohibit

I have done basic testing on this and it seems to work fine. If others have tried this solution, I would be happy to learn from your experience(s).

Best wishes,

Config settings specifics:

Set default scope for externally referenced models.
All - Any model.
None - Only current model and children
Skeletons - Any component in model's assembly and higher skeletons on branch
Subassembly - Only components and children in model's assembly

Prohibit - System will abort all attempts to create external reference violating the scope
Backup - Warning appears. Abort reference creation or declare as out-of scope reference...