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ModelManager Settings occaisionally get lost


ModelManager Settings occaisionally get lost

Any experience with the follolwing:


Sometimes a user starts Modelmanager and all the ModelManager user settings, colum layouts, username, xml name etc are gone at sratrtuo and reset to the default when starting ModelManager for the first time.


We found out that this behaviour is caused by an empty wmproperties.lst file in de user profile.

As a solution we ecxcluded the visrus scanner on access scanner for this file. But the problem still occurs, however less frequently.


Any other possible causes?





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Hello all

We have also experienced this problem, Does anyone at PTC have any idea of the cause of the problem?


The virus scanner is still a "hot" candidate for locking the file and/or the directory

Please try excluding the complete directory containing the wmproperties.lst from virus scanning

Would also be interesting from the community:

- Which Virus Scanner is used?

- Has anyone a repeatable sequence?

- How frequently (approx) do you run into the problem?



Hi Max,

This happens to me also, but I haven't been able to pinpoint an exact cause.The most recent occurence was about two weeks ago. I discovered your post and proceeded to set the exclustion in anti-virus settings as reccommended. Symantec Endpoint Protection is what is in use here.

Unfortunately that did not help, as I just lost my settings in Model Manager and Drawing Manager again.

I have been workng on a large model today and was getting ready to work on another. I decided to exit out of both Creo Direct Modeling and Drafting to regain some memory. That's the only way I know of that Creo releases the memory after deleting the model. When starting Creo w/ Modele Manager and Drafting w/Drawing Manager again, the column settings I had previously used were gone.

I'll leave the exclusion set in anti-virus for now and will report back here the next time this happens and see if the sequence matches.


the gremlins were busy last night. When I started Creo Direct today Model Manager & Drawing Manager both started on the Welcom screen and all my column settings on the Search tab were gone.


Hi Guys,

I don't have an answer yet but want to share the "trend" of my observations

- Virus scanner: not very likely

- likely: concurrent access to the wmproperties.lst by 2 or more Model Manager(s) or Drawing Managers, e.g. one client is starting up (or shutting down) while the other client is changing

a setting or a window layout (size, columns) etc - just everything which causes the wmproperties.lst to be written.

Feedback welcome!

Concurrent access may not be the source. I get the same problem with one Manager running.

I anybody can demonstrate/reproduce, I will be happy to investigate.

Even when you are not under support.

I will do this for the benefit of the users who *are* under support,

so that we finally get a fix for this nasty problem.

Is that possible that the personal settings can be overwritten by the administartor, or by an update of Manager as we have from time to time?

We’ve sporadically the same problem. Unfortunately there’s no way to reproduce this.

One idea at the moment: Is it the way we close ModelManager? 

I close Modeling by clicking the “X” in the right corner, normally.  Perhaps we need to finish ModelManager first by deactivate the Module (Application – Modules) and then close Modeling?

Thanks for all the ideas.

However none of the ideas is sufficient to reproduce the loss of the settings.

I tried re-installing MM meanwhile and this "touched" the wmproperties.lst located under

%APPDATA% and it also changed a few lines (e.g. a line containing the date),

but it did NOT wipe out all settings to defaults 😞

Another idea that I have since a long time:

Modify the Java Code of MM to throw an error instead of silently re-writing the wmproperties.lst

I see currently no better idea to come closer to the root cause.

As Max suggested I changed the java code not to recreate the wmproperties file but instead pop up a dialog asking to retry or to reset. We installed this at some customers an this looks good.

The retry tries to read the wmproperties.lst file again as normal.

The reset creates a copy of the wmproperties.lst file and does a reset as now silently occurs.

The fix is a additional lines of java code in the

When you ar interested in the code please let me know.



I am interested in this piece of code.

Could basically write it by myself, but there is no reason to re-invent the wheel.

I guess we at INNEO will make this a Standard customization since our customers are also suffering from sporadic loss of all settings in wmproperties.lst



Hi Harman,

I am also interested in this piece of code.

Would you please send me an email or contact me at PTC Community in order to submit the code?

Thanks a lot!


Hello Harman,

I am interested in seeing a copy of your code as well, it may be helpful to some issues we have run into here as well.

Thank you.



Unfortunately the code piece does not completely resolves the problem.

My conclusion after investigating possible causes is the problem lies in the ptc implementation of saving the ModelManager settings to the wmproperties file.

May I ask everyone who experiences the problem contacts PTC support and ask for a proper solution?