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Modeling Spiral Bevel Gear using Pro/E


Modeling Spiral Bevel Gear using Pro/E

Hi folks,


Can some1 guide me how can I create a 3D model of a Spiral Bevel gear in Pro/E Wildfire 5.0.


I searched throught the Knowledge base but was unsuccessful..


Amar Karthi..

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Hi Amar...

This actually sounded like a really fun challenge. I ran out of time tonight to work on it but I've done these before. i am very confident I can make a tutorial to demonstrate how to do this. I probably can't get to it until tomorrow evening.

I probably won't get the chance to do a tutorial though before some of the other resident experts on PTC Community hop on this challenge. I can see Dalbeer, Frank, Vladimir Palffy and a few of the past/current heroes of the month jumping all over this one! If someone hasn't produced a cool video or posted a great rendering of this by tomorrow evening, I'd be happy to tackle it!

Hang in there... I'm sure you'll have an answer to this very soon!



Hi Brian...

I wished that I get a tutorial stuff from some of our fellow folks here.. But still i'm not able to get one...

Can you kindly record your try as a video and upload in any of the file share sites.. I'm hardly in need of a procedure to get it done..

Thanks in advance!!


Hi Amar...

Well... I had hoped people would jump at the chance to try out such an interesting shape. I see this as a variable section sweep with a Pivot Direction added... patterned in a circle. I'll try to tackle this tomorrow. I can record the final steps in a video, too.

I have to warn you though, I am picky about my instructional videos. They take me quite a bit of time because I edit out anything not essential to the technique. I personally don't like videos that go on for 12 minutes to demonstrate a 2 minute technique so it may take me a day or so to get it done.

Thanks for being patient... we'll have a solution for this gear soon.


When I worked (or "did time" ) at NASA, I had a couple models for this kind of thing where you simply input pressure angle, # of teeth and a few other things, and it made the gear for you. I've never done it, it requires math equations far beyond my pay grade.

I think there are examples out there though.

Yeah this sounds like a job for Mathcad. When I worked at Amp in the early 1990's we had programs and automated drawings to develop new gears with just a handful of numeric inputs. This was back in the 2D days before Pro/ENGINEER... so I'm sure it can be done with the better tools we have now.

5-Regular Member

Using Mathcad is cheating 🙂

Nice link Burt...

It's going to take some time to decipher this thing, though. The images are impossible to see... so you have to download the "docs" folder to get the original JPEGs. Obviously though, this is EXACTLY what Amar needed.

You may have saved me from producing another 50 slide powerpoint presentation. Whew!

Thanks again...


Hi guys,

I'm having some trouble with the method used in the tutorial Burt posted. I successfully created a single gear tooth, but am unable to pattern it to create the full model. Every time, the pattern succeeds through a certain angle. After that point, one of the tooth face merges redefines itself (i.e. it merges to the wrong side of one of the features) so the rest of the pattern crahes.

This also happens both when I try to pattern the template provided with the tutorial and when I start from scratch.

Has anyone had similar experience?



Paul A.

Hello Paul.

What version are you using?

Problems with patterns is certainly not new. If you wish to post a pre-patterned version of the file, we can have a look.

Hi Antonius,

Thanks for the reply. I'm using Creo Elements/Pro 5.0. You can access the files here:

I'm using a university license so hopefully there is no conflict with professional software versions.

As you can see, the pinion part patterned o.k. The bull gear part has a failed pattern

Thank you.

Bummer. I cannot open educational versions with the full version of Creo 2.


I uploaded the original template from the bevel gear tutorial:

I haven't touched it so it might work with your 2.0.

The tutorial says to group all features from TCSYS to Solidify_1, then pattern that group around the z-axis of PCSYS. I think this particular example is supposed to have 40 teeth (according to its parameters). When I try with this file I encouter the same issues, namely the merge features re-define themselves along the pattern.

Okay, so I am on a different version but this may apply since it is a Elements/Pro enhancement.

I was not able to get the pattern option to become active, but the Geometry Pattern, being distinctly different, did work. I also could not pick the geometry from the tree; I had to select the solid body, use Geometry Pattern, and select Axis for patterning reference. Set it to 9 degrees and 40 total features and it worked fine.

Most patterns fail because a feature becomes inversed. With Geometry Pattern, it is simply a geometrical feature, not a series of actions.

Here is a reference I found that should apply to your version as well:

Wow, geometry pattern worked perfectly. I didn't know that feature existed.

Thanks a lot for the help!

Happy to help

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