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Moving 'holes' in Creo elements 4 ?


Moving 'holes' in Creo elements 4 ?



I'm stuggling a bit to understand how to move things in Creo Elements.


I have designed a 'connect 4' style board, basically a flat plate with holes. I did this in 2d and then extruded the flat. However the cicles that formed the holes were not correctly aligned so I need to edit the position of the holes. The plate is a single 'part' as I understand it.


Could someone point me towards a tutorial or tell me how to do this ?


I like Creo and recommend it to our clients but I struggle to find appropriate how-to's at the moment.


Thanks in advance for your help.

This thread is inactive and closed by the PTC Community Management Team. If you would like to provide a reply and re-open this thread, please notify the moderator and reference the thread. You may also use "Start a topic" button to ask a new question. Please be sure to include what version of the PTC product you are using so another community member knowledgeable about your version may be able to assist.


Hi David,

Start here for an understanding of hole features. Hopefully this will give you information on using them and quickly editing them.

Cheers Doug, unfortunatly nothing doing.

However it did prompt me to look again and worked it out:

Select the face of the hole. (left click)

The default is to change raduis - select move 3D from the pop up box.

The trick is to click the face on the plane you want it to move.

Click OK.

The product you are likely using is Creo Elements/Direct Modeling Express 4.0.

The confusion because, for one version, PTC referred to Pro/Engineer WF5 as Creo Elements/Pro or some such.

The two products are entirely different. For Parametric users, the question makes no sense; for Direct Modeler users, I can see the reason for asking.

David, for sure it's elements 4.

As a new user it's a little confusing to understand the differences between the products especially when looking at some of the video tutorials.

Did I post in the wrong part of the site ?

Look in the black bar under the tab "More Communities" for Modeling Express. I look at all the posts and haven't noticed a large number for Modeling Express.

Best of luck.