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Need Help Converting A Solid Part To Sheetmetal


Need Help Converting A Solid Part To Sheetmetal

I will first apologize since I am basically new to using Creo Paramtric 2.0.

I am trying to convert the following solid part to sheetmetal so that I can flatten it and get a drawing from it. I attempted doing it by going under Operations and choosing convert to Sheetmetal but had no luck. I think I had issues there because I had already done a shell in the part.

Please help.

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How are you planning to fabricate the pyramid? Are you seam welding the 4 radiating edges or is this stamped?

If the pyramid is stamped, you want to use the form feature to create that face. And if that is the case, the part is not too difficult to make from scratch inside sheetmetal.

If you intend to weld those 4 edges, we'll take another tact. Please advise.

Also note that there is not a consistent material thickness throughout. It is better to keep it a solid lump then shell it during the conversion.

We don't stamp here where I work and only have press brakes so I assume the only way we could make this part would be to do seam welds. I look forward to hearing ideas on how to either design it in sheetmetal or how to make it as a solid and then convert.

I have worked on this part to some extent and find it difficult to get a full model that unfolds in the method you describe. There are a lot of things that are a catch 22 in defining it exactly and how you have to accommodate the seams. Decisions need to be made regarding bend reliefs.that would still allow filling in the outer corners.

This is as far as I got. Extenting out the flanges was being problematic, but the development length are correct.



I have taken a quick look at this problem

the first thing that you have to do is make sure that you

have a constant material thickness after you shell out the part


items like this will stop you from converting this to sheet metal

second decide where your seams will be when you unfold the part

this will help you decide where your bend radii should be.

third the inside radii of your bends should not be less than material thickness

otherwise you will induce major material stretch and material fatigue

put in your radii before you shell out the part

then you can convert this to sheet metal

you must decide which flat surface is going to be the FIRST SURFACE (the driving surface for the rest of the part)

add in your EDGE RIPS


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