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Obtaining a floating Simulate license in Creo 3


Obtaining a floating Simulate license in Creo 3

I recall the ability to grab a floating license for Mechanica back in the Pro/E days. Currently I'm running Creo 3 with a PROE_Essentials license and am able to prepare a model for structural analysis (i.e., loads & constraints, mesh definition, etc.) but after "running" an analysis I get a warning/error which states my results file is empty.

It seems that the full functionality of Simulate is not available with my current license. The company does have a floating "MECBASICENG_License" license, as well as a floating "Meceng_Advanced" license. My problem seems to be determining how to grab the appropriate license to enable full analysis functionality for Simulate.

Any insight would be appreciated!


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Well, as an update, there is also an option to launch and run Simulate directly from the desktop, which requires that any changes to the assembly model be done in a separate session of Creo. I have not confirmed the behavior of this approach, but may soon have the opportunity. Specifically, whether the Simulate model updates to reflect recent changes from the Creo session.

With the standalone Simulate session, ptcstatus indicates that I am using an Essentials license, not the Meceng_Advanced as I would have expected. Perhaps this explains why results files have been created, but remain consistently empty!

I'd be interested to understand this in more detail, too.

We have three floating Simulate licenses (I think - it's a little unclear!): two MECBASICs, and one MECSTRUC, which I think is legacy from the days when the Mechanica licence was split structural/thermal rather than basic/advanced, and appears to function as our Advanced licence.

We've recently had issues with colleagues wanting to use Weighted Links and so on, and being unable to - my current guess is that the MECSTRUC gets picked up by the first person to request a licence, and while that's in use anyone else gets a MECBASIC.  I don't know for certain, however!


1.] path to license server managing Simulate licenses must be entered in parametric.psf file

2.] Simulate license entries must be entered in feature.dat file

In Creo 2.0 this file is located at <installdir>\Common Files\Mxxx\mech\text\licensing\mech directory.


Unfortunately I do not know file location in Creo 3.0.


Martin Hanák
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