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Output from cgm files.


Output from cgm files.



    I'm generally a Solidworks user, but someone sent us some cgm files, & I'm trying to do simple tasks such as print a pdf or export as

a dxf etc., but the files opened in PTC Creo take maybe around 7 minutes even to just send to a printer. It says the PTC Creo Parametric (Not Responding). Evenually the file completes. Like a print may take around 7-10 minutes.  I had tried it with the Pro E Wildfire loaded on the machine, first & got similar results with the error; xtop.exe is not responding. Like I say the file eventually goes, but wondering if there's anything that would pick the pace up etc., or why this is acting like this.


Thanks in advance for any input;

Rob_D  PTC Creo Parametric 3.) M050

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Hi Robert,

It could be one of a few things.

1. Machine specific - check the machine configuration and verify that you are on a certified or supported platform, with enough memory.  Platform Support Page.

2. File specific - check the file size or try with a different CGM file to verify it is a file specific issue.

3. Network specific - is there too much of network traffic between Creo and the printer.

Please check on these things and let me know.




      I checked the memory requirements for Windows 7: 64 bit, & they say 4 gb ram or more & I have 32.0 gb. I should also state that

I did try a regular drawing with no problem printing, it was quite fast etc. That being said the CGM files I'm working with are 14,408 kb, &

9,614 kb.

      As far as the network traffic is concerned, I would think there might be a problem with the drawings also if that were the case, so it's seems to have something to do with that fact that they're the CMG files.

     I appreciates the posts; I guess since I at least got the prints out, it might suffice for the time being. This is a particular customer that

we have that desires to work with these file formats. If I have to do more with the files such as edit them etc. I might have to pursue the

issue further. For quicker printing I think I'll try the free express download that Vladimir suggested, & maybe look into the converter Martin mentioned.

Thanks, much all;



I did some "googling" and found UniConvertor 1.1.5. You can try converting CGM to PDF using this tool.

Go to sK1 Project: sK1 2.0 (ex.PrintDesign), sK1, UniConvertor, LinCuttor

Note: It's just my suggestion. I have never used this tool .


Martin Hanák

Hi Robert,

You can also use free PTC viewer which called "PTC Creo View Express" to view and print ".cgm" files:

PTC Creo View Express Free Download | PTC