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Overhaul Creo 3 Drawing UI


Overhaul Creo 3 Drawing UI

Drawings can be frustrating with Creo but I don't think they have to be. Creo Parametric Drawings seem to have been forgotten with the exception of changing to UI to the Ribbon back in Creo Elements.


Here's some drawing improvement ideas to make some things easier:

  • Contextual tab changes. Specific to Creo Ribbon UI but is our main issue with Creo drawings.
    • Remember how Microsoft Office auto activates the Picture Tools:Format tab after clicking on an image? It would be great if Creo drawings did this when selecting a table instead of holding ALT or clicking the table tab.
  • Let items snap to each other.
    • Ever move a table and have to zoom way in to make a sure the edges are lined up? Why can't these just snap together? Let people turn it on and off with a config setting
  • Creating and editing Repeat Region or Auto fill tables should be easy!
    • Here's why it's difficult:
      • Repeat Region name does not imply making a smart table. It implies make a hard copy of part of a table. Smart Tables? Auto-Fill Table?
      • Need to make a dumb table first and then click Repeat Region.
      • Menu Mapper is not intuitive and gives no confirmation of having succeeded.
      • 2D smart tables seem like they could be awesome but I've haven't figured out how to use them. I'll keep trying.
      • Need to exit and then double click on the cell that is now a repeat region.
      • The 'Report Symbol' editor is not easy to learn - to add a family table instance parameter. Click fam, then inst, then param, and then your specific parameter. I know this is syntax used for the actual code but why not help people learn first?
    • A simple GUI pop up could give create the table, confirm creation of Repeat Regions, give full descriptions when building the Report Symbol, and have a dynamic preview of the whole table. Double click on the cell to bring up the GUI again.
  • Let me edit normal tables just like Excel. The line display is not very intuitive as the whole table needs to be selected first.
  • Dynamic Drawing Parameters made easy!
    • Have parameters that you add to a drawing cell or text? Use & in front of the parameter name. It would be nice if this was available from the RMB or something that would imply this was even an option to new users. 'Add Model or Drawing Parameters...' and pick from available list. Also, a way to build/learn the syntax would be helpful &parameter:d vs &parameter:3
    • Let me change units or perform a function on dynamic parameters (e.g. part was modeled in mmkgs but want to display weight and volume in both metric and imperial. Currently have to write a relation but it seems like it could be so easy: &ptc_mp_mass:kg or &ptc_mp_mass:lbm).
    • Why are the standard PTC model mass properties parameters so hidden on a secondary parameters page? Most people don't know they exist and make their own!


Hopes this gets some ideas going!

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Excellent suggestions that would be appreciated by those of use who deal with these annoyances daily. These are all minor improvements that I believe are quite feasible if PTC listens.

Contextual Tabs seems to be obvious to everyone except PTC

- product managers at PTC need to start using the product

- do 50 drawings and the UI deficiencies become acutely obvious