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Paginated repeat region help


Paginated repeat region help

I have a repeat region that I have split into 2 parts, the first part has the column headers but the 2nd split part has no headers. Can anyone tell me how to add column headers to the 2nd part.

Thanks in advance



From the Detailed Drawings Help Topic Collection manual

About Creating Header and Footer Titles
When working with tables containing multiple segments, you can place a title at the
top of each segment (as a header) or at the bottom of each segment (as a footer).
When creating titles, keep in mind the following rules:
* Two-directional repeat regions cannot have titles.
* For single-row headers and footers, you must select the row twice for the first
and second rows.
* A region can have only one header and one footer. However, since a table can
have more than one paginated region, a table can have more than one header
and more than one footer.
* When selecting rows to be used in a title, you cannot choose a row that is part of
a repeat region.
* Two titles cannot intersect each other. That is, when creating a new title, you
cannot select a portion (one or two rows) of an existing title to be used in the
new title. However, you can define the same rows to be both the header and the
footer of the same region or to be titles of a number of regions.
* You cannot create a header or footer title in a row that has cells merged in a
* The system inserts a header at the top of a segment, and inserts a footer at the
bottom of a segment, regardless of the direction of the table's growth (that is,
ascending or descending).
To Add a Header or Footer Title to a Table
1. Click Table > Paginate. The Menu Manager opens.
2. Select a table that contains at least one repeat region.
3. Click Add Title.
4. From the REGION TITLE menu, choose Header or Footer.
5. Select the first row (one that is not in a repeat region) to be used as the header
or footer title of the selected region.
6. Select the second row. The segments of the table appear with the specified
header or footer title.

David Haigh

Creo 2, M120

OK, I've done this before but I can't figure it out in Creo.

I have a repeat region table that runs off of the bottom of my drawing. I need to have the table split in two, but on the same sheet, just a little to the right. I'm using the "paginate" command, but can't seem to get the next segment to show up. When I set the extents, it adds a sheet and puts the new segment there.

How do I get the new segment on the same sheet?

Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer


I believe that what you are looking for is "paginate" in your table tools.

Michael P. Locascio

There is a bug in pagination where it will not retain the paginated region on the drawing after plotting, or regeneration of all sheets. It will not be fixed until m130.
See CS170301

As far as the command, you have to select the table and then in the Table Tab, the first section has a table pull down menu. That has pagination as the last option.
From there it's all the same as it used to be.

Setting the Extents of the BOM
From the drawing menu, pick Table, Pagination and select the BOM on the drawing. Next pick Set Extent and pick the row where you want the BOM to stop. All the rows above the row you picked will disappear from the table.

Adding a new BOM segment
To continue the component list in a new BOM segment, pick Add Segment. At this point Pro/E will ask you to pick a placement point for the table. The point you pick will be the lower right corner of the new BOM segment. You will then be asked to specify the extents of the table. Click the cursor where you want the top row of the BOM. Pro/E will continue the component list in this new segment.

David Haigh



I have used this method to separate tables in the past. I am for some reason having trouble with the "set extend" step for some reason.


When I select the table, then click paginate, a message appears in the lower text manager saying "could not set extent" immediately. I click on the set extent button and click on a row and the message remains "could not set extend".


Any idea as to why this is all of a sudden an issue? I am on creo 4.0 and this has worked perfectly fine (on same drawing even).


Thanks for any help,




Are you working with a non report table?

If it is a simple table that you created and typed values into, there is no repeat region.  To split this type of table, copy and paste then delete the bottom rows of the first and the repeated rows in the second.



There is always more to learn in Creo.

Yeah..yeah..what he said. 🙂

Of course I'm assuming the origin of the table is the lower right corner.

If your building the table down from the top, then picking to place the new segment would need to start at the corner of your tables origin, and the second pick down to the opposite corner.

David Haigh
23-Emerald I

To keep Pagination topics together....

We have done the paginate command on a 76 item BOM at item 50. It throws the smaller BOM onto sheet 2.

How do you get it to show both parts of the BOM on the same sheet?

In WF4, we would cut and paste, but that doesn't work in Creo2m100.

Any and all suggestions appreciated.

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