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Part in the assembly is lost every time (Einzelteil in der Baugruppe geht jedes Mal verloren)


Part in the assembly is lost every time (Einzelteil in der Baugruppe geht jedes Mal verloren)

Good day,


currently I have a serious problem with Creo Parametric 5.0.1. in the student version.

Every time I open an assembly, Creo doesn't find the individual parts and the link is broken.

If I then find the individual part again via the history tree and the correct link exists, I save the assembly. After saving and closing this assembly, Creo loses the individual part when it is opened again and the link is faulty again.


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Translated by - Anurag Singh
Date - 10/03/2022




Guten Tag,

derzeit habe ich ein schwerwiegendes Problem mit Creo Parametric 5.0.1. in der Studentenversion.
Jedes Mal, wenn ich eine Baugruppe öffne, findet Creo die Einzelteile nicht und die Verknüpfung ist fehlerhaft.
Wenn ich dann das Einzelteil über den Historien-Baum neu finde und die richtige Verknüfpung besteht, speicher ich die Baugruppe ab. Nach dem Speichern und Schließen dieser Baugruppe, verliert bei erneutem Öffnen Creo das Einzelteil und die Verküpfung ist wieder fehlerhaft.

23-Emerald II

Creo does not save "paths" for the location of parts or assemlies.

If you want to have your parts in other folders or sub-folders, you will need to add search path to your 

If you keep all your parts and assemblies in a single folder, you can make that folder your working directory and creo will find anything in the working directory.

Thanks for the fast answer, but i think i don´t understand it to 100 %.
When Creo don´t save paths from an assembly of the single part to a sub-folder, why there is even an error?

On this currently project i´m working on, there are many single parts in single folders and these single parts are added to sub-assemblys.

These sub-assemblys are added to an bigger assembly.


Today, i decided to copy every single part and sub-assembly into one big folder with the big assembly and it worked. The big assembly find the single parts.


I tried the solution with the "search_path" and also the "file_open_default_folder". But even if i save the assembly as a copy or anything, it doesn´t change the error when i re-open it.


Is there something i´m missing?

(sorry for bad english. i´m german)

23-Emerald II

You're english is great, don't worry about that at all!


Creo doesn't save any paths in the files at all. Creo looks in the working directory only and then, if you have search paths specified in your config, it will look in those folders.


If you use Save-As-Backup, creo will save all the parts and assemblies in a different folder. You can then open the new assy in the new folder. Be aware, you will have 2 copies of your files so if you change one, you will not be changing the other.


If you set up your search paths in the config, you can open the assembly from any folder and creo will look in those search paths for the parts/assemblies.



23-Emerald III

Here is a modified sample of my search paths:

search_path G:\Engineering\PROE_DATA\Product\Company1
search_path G:\Engineering\PROE_DATA\Product\Company2

search_path G:\Engineering\PROE_DATA\Product\Company3

search_path G:\Engineering\PROE_DATA\Product\Company4

search_path G:\Engineering\PROE_DATA\Product\Company5

search_path G:\Engineering\PROE_DATA\Product\Company6

search_path G:\Engineering\PROE_DATA\Product\Product1

search_path G:\Engineering\PROE_DATA\Product\Product2

search_path G:\Engineering\PROE_DATA\Product\Product3


As Stephen mentioned it just looks where you are pointing and if it is not there it will throw the error message.


Also, if you manually go find it, it will save it in memory, but when you close and start a new session, you will have to "re-find" it if the search path has not been updated to add the directory where the part is located.


If your company is like ours, you will definitely need to set up some search paths for things you want to use all the time, directories of fasteners, Rexroth aluminum extrusions, etc. are things many projects would use and you don't want to have hundreds of copies of the same things. For that I'd do as everyone here suggests, set up a list of directories for your search path.


If you're also fighting with a large assembly that has been organized into many subdirectories of the "main" directory, perhaps an old discussion I participated in would help:


Old Search Path Discussion for Large Project 


Hope this helps.

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