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Premature Exit (AutoExit) - Fixed Yet?


Premature Exit (AutoExit) - Fixed Yet?

If I am in a room full of various software users and yell "Premature Exit!"; only Pro/E users will know what I am talking about. I started using Pro/E in 1997 and since then, I have never had any other software do this to me. Back in '95 I had a blue screen after our office was hit by lightening. My point is, will PTC EVER fix this? I probably have had over 800 premature exits. Someone will probably ask "What configuration where you using?" It doesn't matter! This shouldn't happen at all. Look at the flak that Microsoft got for their once every 15,000 hour blue screen problem. Pro/E users have come to accept a weekly crash. How about adding some internal error checking and prompting the user if a problem occurs. We don't need PTC to add any more new features. Just fix what's been broken for the last decade. I used to design aircraft, just be thankful that I have higher standards than PTC, next time you fly.

Just a little background: I have used Pro/E in Canada and in the US with 4 different companies and about 10 or more different computers. With out a PLM system the performance is better. Intralink doubles the crach frequency and Windchill is worse. Sometimes the crash is related to a particular model, but still, that shouldn't be accepted.


I am having trouble with Exit as being my only option when trying to add components to an assembly in WF5. Many of the parts were made in WF3 as were most of the assemblies. However, some were made in WF5. I have some assemblies that I simply cannot add a component to in WF5. If I had not saved them in WF5, I could have gone back to WF3 and kept on working. I have had trouble with WF M060 and M080. I may have to go back and remodel everything if PTC can't get this issue fixed.

I agree that they need to stop making interface changes and start fixing what doesn't work. Maybe they care less about current users and more about the new ones they are trying to attract.

I worked with PTC on trying to resolve the premature exit issue that I was having. The spend nearly 8 hours with me trying different things but we were unable to come up with a fix. I then gave my PC over to our IT guys one of who is a Pro-E guy. They redid a lot of things and it works much better now. They have no idea what they did to make it better. They just re-installed and reconfigured to what it had been previously.

Yes, same here. Do you get the good old "Exception - code was - 1073741819" in your std.err file?

If you call PTC they go, "in your Options change your graphics option from "graphics wn32_gdi" to "graphics opengl".

"But it's already "graphics opengl".

"Then change it to "graphics opengl" to "graphics wn32_gdi".

"Should I stand on one foot while I'm doing it?"

Update: I've been using WF 5.0 for a few months and Pro/E still crashes.

If at first you don't succeed, fail, fail again!

Does anything crash in a helpful manner?

With the release of CREO I dont think PTC will be too focused on fixing WF5.

Your best hope is to find a revision that has your particular bug fixed.

As for a more stable platform the only hope are the new CREO releases.

If you look at the PTC bug issue list- theres still fixes coming into CREO from WF5 and earlier.

I guess they fix WF5 at the same time.


I think you missed the original point.


After 16 years of hearing "it will all be better in the next release" I don't think its going to happen.

If 95% of customers experience a catastrophic failure every 2 months for more than a decade, I think there might be an issue. Just imagine your car or phone was that unreliable.


I would rather have a crash than a corrupted file. Not all crashes happened because PTC is tripping over itself. I crashed quite a few times yesterday when I was exploring new commands. Once I got use to the command, it stopped crashing. Go figure.

I have been using Creo 2 for a few weeks now and I've had about 10 exits. I'm disappointed, but not surprised.

Pro/E exits when:

-I hide a layer, and then click on another layer before the system finished processing.

-Rendering a scene to a file that already exists (this one's been around for years). It is supposed to add a number to the file name and continue, but it doesn't always work.

These are fairly benign activities. I don't think it is a file protection issue. This is a symptom of a lack of cross functional communication among PTC managers, no Bata testing and eroded user expectations.


This would be a great "idea". I would vote for it! (Basically give the user the option to undo the last action taken in the trail file causing the exit without exiting)

Also, if you have a repeatable issue, then create a case for tech support to repair it.

I definitely agree with the user community being numb to the issues and at this point just accepting it. We have started collecting trail files from all users. (Upon startup, the previous session's trail file is moved to a common folder).

I'd just like to leave this here as my ProE crashed AGAIN. And guess what?

"Exception - code was -1073741819."

I was whining about this back in 2007.

From time to time I google this code and my name appears from the depths of the internet. I will live forever as the man whose exception code was 1073741819.



Hard crashes are a significant issue with PTC and they will address it with a support case. If you can repeat the crash on a consistent basis, R&D can trace it and work on the issue. Without reporting it, there really is nothing anyone can do.

This data shows what terribly unreliable software behaves like.

51 hours MTBF! (mean time between failures) 



Hahahahaha, that's nothing!


Back in the day when I worked with Autodesk Inventor 5.0 I had 13 crashes...PER DAY!